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Re: HeroScape Ragnarok:Rule add-ons for epic games!

Here's the rules I've been testing out lately for large scale battles:

Order Marker Sets

Each player is granted an additional set of order markers per 600 points as follows:

Army Total : Order Markers used
10-600 : 1 set (RotV Grey)
600-1200 : 2 sets (RotV Grey, SotM Green)
1200-1800 : 3 sets (RotV Grey, SotM Green, Marvel Blue)

Special Rules for Placing Markers

At the start of a round, players place order markers as they normally would, with the following additional restrictions:
  • You can only place order markers of a single color on a card.

    Ex: You place the Grey 1 OM on Sonlen. You may place the Grey 2, 3 or X OMs on Sonlen's card, but you may not place Green or Blue OMs on his card.
  • You may treat each copy of a Common unit card as an individual for OM placement. In order to do this, you must separate a Common card to place the additional color on.

    Ex: Your army consists of Tor-Kul-Na, 1 squad of Marrden Nagrubs and 2 squads of Marro Stingers. You place a Grey OM on the Marro Stingers. You may place an OM of one other color on the Stingers in this scenario, as you have two Stinger cards. You cannot place all 3 OMs on the Stingers, nor can you place more than one color on the single card of Nagrubs.
  • You may place multiple colors on a single card once if no other options are available to you.

    Ex: At the start of a round, your only remaining units are Shiori and Sonlen. You place a Green Marker on Sonlen. You must place Blue or Grey markers on Shiori. You place a Blue marker on Shiori. You may now place Grey OMs on either Shiori or Sonlen, or spread them across both units.
  • EXCEPTION: A unit who may be moved or activated via bonding with another unit is consider to have OMs placed on it as long as OMs are placed on the bonding unit.

    Ex: You have 3 sets of OMs and an army consisting of Sonlen, Tor-Kul-Na and 1 squad of Marrden Nagrubs. You must place one set of order markers on Sonlen and one set on either the Nagrubs or TKN. If you place a set on the Nagrubs, TKN is considered to have OMs placed on his card, allowing you to place your third set on either Sonlen or the Nagrubs.
Activating Order Markers
  • After rolling for initiative, players take turns revealing order markers.
  • A player must reveal their order markers in numerical order.
  • A player may reveal any color order marker they choose at any time.
Ex: 2 players are playing with 2 sets of OMs, the green and the blue. Player 1 wins initiative and may reveal either Green 1 or Blue 1. Afterwards, Player 2 may reveal the 1 OM of their choosing. Player 1 then reveals their remaining 1 OM. Should Player 2's remaining 1 OM be destroyed, Player 2 must pass that turn and Player 1 may reveal the 2 OM of their choosing.

Special Rules for Common Units
  • Any OM on a Common Unit may activate any figure of that Unit, but a single Common figure may only be activated once per numerical turn marker.

    Ex: You have 3 Marro Stingers cards, one with Green 1 and Green 2 and another with Grey 2. Upon revealing Green 1, you may move any of your 9 Marro Stinger figures. Upon revealing Green 2, you may again activate any of your 9 Marro Stinger figures. Upon activating Grey 2 however, you may not activate any of the figures you used after revealing Green 2.

    Ex2: You have 2 Marro Stingers cards, one with Green 1 and another with Grey 1, however you only have 5 Marro Stinger figures remaining. Upon revealing Green 1, you may activate any Marro Stinger figure. Upon revealing Grey 1 however, you may only activate your 2 remaining figures.
  • You may reactivate a Common figure if you have more than one colored OM on a single Common card.

    Ex: At the start of a round in a game with 3 OM sets, you only have 2 cards of Marro Stingers. You place Green 1 and Blue 1 on the first Stinger card and Grey 1 on the second. You activate Green 1 and move 3 of your figures. You activate Grey 1 and must activate your remaining 3 Stinger figures. When you activate Blue 1, you may reactivate any of your 6 previously used Stinger figures.
  • You must pass if you activate an OM on a Common card that has only one color OM on it, but do not have any unactivated figures for that Common Unit.

    Ex: You have 7 Marro Stinger figures and 3 Marro Stinger cards, each with a different colored OM 1 on it. You reveal your first 2 OM 1 markers and activate 6 figures. Before you reveal the 3rd OM 1 marker however, the 7th figure is destroyed. You must pass that turn as you have no unactivated Stinger figures.
I'm sure I'm missing some things, but that's what I'm experimenting with right now.

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