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HeroScape Ragnarok:Rule add-ons for epic games!

Here are some rule mods that could be used to play a large game of HS(800+ points).

Each player starts the game with two sets of orders and uses both at the same time. Thus, when it is your turn to activate order 1, reveal both, and activate them one after the other. Essentially, you take two turns in a row.

Start the game with half your physical figures in your starting zones(you cannot break up unique squads. With common squads, you must have at least 1 card's worth brought into play). In round two, each player brings half of his remaining figures into play in his starting zones. In round three, each player brings what is left of his remaining figures in play in his starting zones.

Partial Cover*
Any figure who is covered 50% or more by terrain receives an additional defense die.

I'm going to test them out as soon as possible, and may add more as I figure out what works and what doesn't.

*I added this rule so that figures have a greater chance of survival, now that players essentially take two turns in a row, and could potentially attack a single figure 8 times.
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