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Originally Posted by TexMex
These guys are becoming a staple for me on defensive hills. And since there common, I'd like to see what a couple of squads could do Still, I hate their lousy defense! I can see where the Roman Archers would make a wiser choice. Though the other night, I did kill a Tarn with their counterstike
They are really nice on a hill. I had a squad of these guys on high and got attacked by a wave of vipers. They ended up killing 4 on defense and 2 with their actual attack.

The 1 extra die for height made all the difference (as my opponent rolled a lot of single skulls on his 3 die attack rolls.)

They did way better then their leader who did not pull his 120.

In retrospect I would have been much better off with 3 squads of them. Instead of 1 of them and their failing leader.
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