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Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting

Point Total 475 Point armies
Map: Corridor by Cleon
Glyphs: Dagmar and Ulvania
Treasure Glyphs: Heroic Rune, Scarab of Invulnerability, Talisman of Defense, Bracers of Teleportation OR Giant Hunter Stone

Flash_19’s Army: Acolytes of Vorganund x4, Corvor the Tainted One, Van Nessing
Superfrogs’s Army: 12 Caucusus Rifles x4, Goblin Cutters x3, Eltahale

Which units survived?
Van Nessing (3 life).

General Battle Report/Flow of game (be as detailed or general as you like)
Superfrog led with Cutters to clog up the board, while I started bringing in the Acolytes. Acolytes were consistently killing Cutters, and I was typically able to hit a couple each turn. On Order Marker 3 of round one, I brought in Corvor and attempted to bring him along the side towards superfrog’s startzone. Corvor managed to barely kill a Cutter to finish off the first round. I won initiative next round and brought Corvor in closer while killing off a couple cutters. Unfortunately, Corvor wasn’t able to get next to an enemy figure to inflict a wound (though superfrog had a tempting cutter taking Ulvania, I decided to beeline it for his startzone to try and take out as many figures as possible), so I had to destroy an acolyte. Superfrog brought Eltahale in to lay the smackdown on Corvor, and with a buffed attack, she was able to take Corvor down on the first order marker of Round 3. Corvor did very little to fight back, but managed to put a few wounds on Eltahale, and managed to kill one 12th and one acolyte with Corruption before going down. From that point, Acolytes came in solo to attack Eltahale and 12th, though some were still held up by the last few cutters on the board. Eventually, the Acolytes were taken out, but they had managed to kill everything except one cutter, and about five 12th. Van Nessing came out firing to clean up the rest of the 12th/the lone cutter, and was able to block a lot of attacks while consistently taking out a figure with each attack. The game ended with Van Nessing at 3 lives left.

How useful were playtesting units' powers and how often did they come into play?
I lost one Acolytes to Dark Pact when Corvor was getting into position. Aside from that, the Acolytes were able to kill 10 cutters and three 12th. They also put two wounds on Eltahale to kill her. All in all, the four squads of Acolytes did about 262 points worth of damage by themselves.

Any additional comments (theme, balance, fun factor with and against)?
It’s hard to tell if they just performed well for me or if they are a little underpriced based on this game alone, but I am leaning a touch towards underpriced. Paired with Corvor, I think they are quite strong. Because of that, I very much agree with the change to Dark Pact – its a much better limitation to the unit to automatically destroy an Acolyte if the bonding figure doesn’t inflict a wound or destroy a figure. However, I wonder if that change might make it less likely to see them paired with Skull Demons.

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