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Originally Posted by K/H_Addict
Originally Posted by Jormi_Boced
Originally Posted by K/H_Addict
How does Strageo Legends work? Is it anything like the origina Stratego from like 1940? I would play my dad in that game all the time. I never did win though.
Yeah, it is based off of Stratego. All the pieces have powers though, like the recent movie based Stratego games. You can also swap out pieces for other ones to build an army so to speak. The board is also a bit different with 4 squares that are shuffled and laid out to present a new playing surface each game. There is also terrain involved with some pieces taking advantage of certain terrain types.

so it's like a lesser version of heroscape?
Honestly, no.

At it's core, it's stratego. You could even ignore the special stuff and just play stratego. It's just that most(if not all) units had some way of breaking one or more rules.

Expansions were blind boosters.

"Y'know, I sort of assumed this hero of destiny thing would involve a lot less devastation in our wake."
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