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Re: Soldiers of Valhalla-READY FOR NOMINATIONS!

If that's the case:
I'd like to nominate the following:
Asmodeus - uses deathrattle viper from D&D, it's about $0.50 for a hero from fiction that we all love and fear equally - "look into my eyes and I will show you eternity..."
Spoiler Alert!

Blood Raptor -a fair substitution for Swogs and a good unit on their own, uses bloodseeker drake from D&D, also about $0.50
Spoiler Alert!

Gordyrr - Golden Dragon hatchling for Jandar, but not the cheapest figure, about $10.00
Spoiler Alert!

Swarm Gruts - A NEW ORC SQUAD, and all you need is BLADE GRUTS!
Spoiler Alert!

Einar's Centurions, their playability is an enigma to me at the moment, but it sounds like fun, just sub in a squad of Romans!
Spoiler Alert!

5 Easy, cheap custom units that all fit perfectly in HS! Some may use D&D figures, but they are FAR from D&D units.

Sometimes, you just have to start over.
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