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Re: C3G Strategy/Competitive Discussion (Green Arrow)

So I've had Green Arrow in a decent number of my games. I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of the stronger 150 units. Having the highest range in the game (besides Galactus) makes him an appealing choice. Skill Shot is really, really good in my experience. Forcing 2 fewer defense die 50% of the time is no joke, and you'll usually be rolling 5 attack since you can park him for away on height pretty easily.

His left box is fine, Archer gives him some solid synergies. Kate Bishop's Pinning Shot synergizes well with Skill Shot, letting you really put the opponents defense in the gutter. Red Arrow/Speedy *Roy Harper* are both good partners too, of course. Green Arrow appreciates having Batman *3* around as well, The Brave and The Bold can save your Skill Shot roll, or bump you up to a 20.

Green Arrow also splashes really well into a lot of armies if you're looking to fill out that last 150 points, a melee heavy army appreciates having some range, he can provide solid AoE or single target damage, and its easy to keep him away from most units, since defensively he's not great. I really like this guy.
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