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Re: Looking at "Other" Melee Armies, and Raelin Musings

Originally Posted by Jexik View Post
Venoc Warlord 120
Marro Warriors 170
5x Armoc Vipers 500
Um... the Armocs are 65 points per squad. This comes out to 495 (not that it matters).

I've noticed that there are two main characteristics of melee units that make them work well: speed and toughness. Fast units rely on a high move number and/or abilities like flying to quickly close in on ranged figures. Tough units, on the other hand, rely on a high defense and/or defensive abilities to protect them as they approach ranged figures.

It would be interesting to try to graph all of the melee units in the game on mobility vs. survivability and try to find a trend for what is considered to be competitive. I suspect a lot of the good ones are down the middle (i.e. Dwarves, Heavies, Gladiators, etc.). Of course, point cost is another factor to consider, so it may have to be made into a three dimensional graph, and we can assume a bonding hero for some squads, so that'll also have to be factored in... (goes off to obsess about graphing)

I, for one, think that the Monks should be looked at a bit closer. Shaolin Assault could be invaluable against armies that need to stick together such as the Vydar ranged pod that has become so popular lately. A move of six with a defense of three puts them a little more toward the mobility side of things, and Stealth Leap pushes them even more so in that direction, but they're a solid unit. Shame they don't have bonding...

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Something tells me that the cancellation, though tragic, may indeed mend that divide...
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