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Re: Summoner Wars by Plaid Hat Games

Polar Dwarves:
My hunch seems to be correct, they are, so far, intimately related to the Tundra Guild, pulling features from both the original Tundra Orcs and Guild Dwarves.
Summoner: Svara: 12 life, 3 atk, ranged. Can move a 'structure' within 3 spaces by one space whenever she moves.
That's fun, moving the typically unmovable is quite nice, and unlike Krusk's Sandstorm, it has no magic cost.
Kind of like a lesser version of Torgan's Glacial Shift.

Old: Grok 6 cost, 7 life, 1 atk, ranged. +1 Atk for each Wall she's adjacent to when attacking.
Nadiana: 6 cost, 7 life, 2 atk, ranged. +1 Atk for each friendly structure with 2 spaces.
Grok got a makeover. The shift from 'Wall' (including buffed Ice Golems) to any structure (which could theoretically include things like Turrets) is nice, as is the 'within two spaces' instead of adjacency requirement. That said, I think we need to talk about beauty standards. A strong, independent frost Orc woman like Grok shouldn't need to cave to Dwarven beauty standards and get a name change to be accepted in modern Itharia. She was beautiful before this.

Old:Bragg? (6 cost, 5 life, 2 atk, ranged) "Cold Snap" provides universal buffs for Ice Walls (whether Torgan's Minor Ice Walls, Grognack's main ice walls, or Hogar's Ice Golems), as well as a buff to Grognack's Freeze events. Specifically, Ice Walls only take wounds from rolls of 5+

New: Ollag, 5 cost, 7 life, 3 atk, melee. "Cold Snap" gives friendly structures 1 additional life point.

Well, in spite of the huge difference in "Cold Snap", both do buff Ice Walls, but the new ability works on any structure, but is less impressive.
Bragg didn't see a lot of use in the original Tundra Guild deck, thanks to Hogar's Ice Fortress already covering that reasonably well.
Bragg's Cold Snap was undeniably better for Ice Walls/Ice Golems than Ollag's mere +1 life, especially with the greater hit rate that exists now. Thankfully, Ice Golems have extra life to counter this, but gates are now weaker.

Ice Golem (old): 2 cost, 3 life, 1 atk, melee. Only considered a Wall when it has an event (typically one of Zuggdin's runes, Bolvi's upgrades, or Torgan's Ice Armor)
New: 2 cost, 5 life, 2 atk, melee. Counts as a Gate all the time, but only moves one space. (Also note that 'structures', by default, cannot move). Also he's got the 'Logic' icon, which means he'll work in Cloaks and Sand Goblins for some reason, but not Tundra Orcs.
I find this strange, as the 'Orc' races in original Summoner Wars always loved getting extra walls on the table in some way, and both Swamp and tundra Orcs use the water icon in 2.0. Why not make these guys water insted?
At any rate, the fact that you can always summon off of the new Golems is a much-needed change).

Bear Cavalry: 3 cost, 5 life, 3 atk, melee. Trample. That's a bulky common.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall Trample only being on Champions (specifically Miti Mumway and Torrodin.
I guess they're kind of like living versions of Torgan's Glacial Shift, except Trample always hurts, while that event required a roll.
Overall, no analogy in any deck.

Ice Smith: 0 cost, 2 life, 2 atk, melee. "Frost Axe". After it moves for the first time, it gets a boost. The second time, you spend the boost and "place it under a friendly common within 3 spaces". The word 'It' is key here. Does this mean the boost token ends up under the ally, or does the entire Ice Smith card end up under the ally (making their defeat worth an additional magic point like v 1.0?)
At any rate, Frost Axe is fundamentally similar to Hogar's "Rune of Power" even, which turned 5+ die rolls into 2 hits. The difference is that Frost Axe only helps melee units. The original card changed it from 2/3 chance of 1 hit and 1/3 chance of miss to 1/3 of 2 hits, 1/3 1 hit, 1/3 miss. Average buff from 2/3 hit per die to 1 hit per die.

this new one changes it from 5/6 of one hit, to 2/3 chance of 1 hit, 1/6 chance of 2 hits, 1/6 chance of 3 hits. Average of 1.5 hits per die buffed from 5/6 hits per die. That's phenomenal, especially considering how you cannot miss with this active. Heck, even against a Deceiver, the total damage can only be reduced by '1' and those lighting bolts deal 2.
So, Ice Smith is basically an old event converted into a unit, and it is very potent.

Parapet: 0 cost, 5 life. Friendly units can attack through this structure, foes cannot. You also cannot summon off of these like a Gate. Interesting to have a card that is so similar to an Ice Wall, but you can't summon from it. Svara can also keep these mobile, so that's nice too.
Closest analogy is the old 3-life Ice Wall, but that's not a very good analogy.

Glacial Shift: 0 cost. A weaker card? Only affects structures within 3 spaces of summoner, and moved structures don't damage your foes. Also, water-type, so Tundra Orcs and Swamp Orcs will be able to use this to move their ice/vine walls. Scary.

Ice Ram: 0 Cost: Oh, here's the damage part, split into two cards now. After moving a structure, a unit next to it gets damaged and can then be forced. Not bad for a power turn.

Ice Repair: 0 Cost:
Remove 2 damage from each structure. Architects in event form, and universal. Opposite of the old Destabilize, and it heals ice golems. Not bad. I can't find any analogous old event.

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