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Re: What got you into Heroscape?

For me it was getting to a place in life where my kids weren't infants anymore so I actually had a little time for hobbies again. I was thinking about maybe trying to get into D&D, but I wasn't sure that was the way I wanted to go. That's when I found Arena of the Planeswalkers on Amazon for ~$16. I loved it. The miniatures and art work were amazing, the game mechanics were simple but extremely fun with tons of strategy, and you could set it up and play an entire game in an hour or so. I love it so much I started searching for any content I could find on the internet relating to the game. And that's when I came across Tom Vassel's review of AotP where he basically said he liked the game but it just paled in comparison to some game called Heroscape. I bought RotV that night on ebay. I can still remember when it arrived at the house and we opened it up. To say my mind was blown would be an understatement. It was somewhat similar to AotP, but the terrain (so much terrain!) was unbelievable, and there were so many more characters with so many interesting abilities. Vassel was right, AotP is great, but Heroscape is way up on its' own level. I've been hooked/addicted/obsessed ever since. And I'm incredibly thankful to have found a bunch of midwesterners who share my passion for the game. The Michigan/Ohio crew have a really great thing going these days. It's also been a great experience interacting with everyone here on I still remember when we were having our first tournament in Michigan how DadScaper chimed in on our thread to give our community encouragement. It was a small gesture, but really nice to have one of the 'big names' in the community show interest in us. Long live Heroscape!!!
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