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Greenblob51 Woo who?
Selling my scape!

Im in the LA area of California (santa clarita valley to be precise)

I havent opened the box in a year, but I have

1x SotM
1x RotU
1x wave 1 heroes
1x wave 10
1x Wave D1 (wave 11)
1x Orms
1x Gladiators and Lizards (Or whatever that one is... sorry, has the capuan gladiators in it though!)

and a few others...

Note, a few of the unique doubles in ROTV are missing but you WILL have at least 1 full set of units from ROTV. Also, Both mimrings are damaged (I had a puppy at the time who loved the taste of mimrings... even the one I painted white and stuff...)

I dont want to ship this, and if I do, it will probably cost a handsome penny... Throw me a good offer at, because Im not on heroscapers that often
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