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Re: C3V Public Announcements Thread

Originally Posted by tcglkn View Post
Originally Posted by Scapemaster View Post
Not to be rude, but wouldn't it be more intriguing to see how all this inside workings work? The other threads can be ignored, the PM deleted. Plus, to get a more well-rounded unit, shouldn't ideas be able to come from anyone, not just a select few?
You can see how the inner working happen when a unit gets released. The Mods move the whole thread to the public area.
Sorry I missed this post. It fills in a big chunk of questions I had, and I merely skipped over it. Wouldn't it be more prudent for some hard-core members, not part of the play-test group be able to see, even a little bit, before it is released, for some... beta testing?

Kaiyu has a valid point however, if others don't like it, they/we don't have to use it. I will apologize for my incesent questions, and what probably seems like inane pestering. I am just uninformed on the ways of the C3G.

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