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The Black Knight

The Black Knight

120 pts
Height 5 Med
Life 4
Move 6
Attack 6
Range 1
Defence 5

Just a flesh wound
The Black Knight can only recieve 1 wound per attack
If you recieve 1 wound your attack is reduced to 4
If you recieve 2+ wounds your attack is reduced to 1
If you recieve 3+ wounds your move is reduced to 2
If you recieve 4 wounds your move is reduced to 0
and you cannot engage any units and count as 0 points

The Black Knight Always Triumphs

The Black Knight cannot be destroyed (either by pity or complete loss of interest) any order markers placed on The Black Knight can be used to taunt the opposition for their cowardly ways

Have at you!

If you have no wound markers on this character
Instead of attacking
choose a figure within 4 LOS spaces
roll the D20 if 11+ destroy that figure

edit: cleaned up text

...and then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal, and then he herded them all onto a boat and then he beat the crap out every single one.

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