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Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread

Originally Posted by Confred View Post
Start the game with 3 of your Sleestak Raiders on the battlefield as normal and all your other Sleestak Raiders in reserve. Before taking a turn, you may place your Sleestak Raiders from reserve on empty spaces within 8 spaces of a Sleestak you control up to a maximum of 3 of your Sleestak Raiders on the battlefield.

If a Sleestak Raider is attacked with an adjacent attack, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 1-6, roll defense dice normally. If you roll a 7 or higher, the Sleestak Raider takes no damage and instead may move up to 4 spaces. Sleestak Raiders can flee only if they're not on a dungeon or shadow space but end their movement on one. A fleeing Sleestak Raider can't be attacked with leaving engagement attacks.

Spoiler Alert!
The only issue I can see is the wording at the end of Free from Light. It should read 'A Sleestak Raider that moves using Flee From Light will not take any leaving engagement attacks.'

One thing I thought of was if Flee From Light should also work if the Sleestak was under an overhang. That would fit thematically and I can't see any issues with the rules, nor would it be overpowered due to the low number of maps with overhangs.
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