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Re: The Orphanage - (Mostly) Free Figure Exchange

Originally Posted by Captain Stupendous View Post
I recently came into possession of quite a few orphans, so I figured I'd hop onto this thread to see if I might be able to help anyone out, and complete a few squads of my own.

Orphans I'm willing to give away for free:
Spoiler Alert!

I also have a complete set of Jandar Valkyrie dice that I would like to use to help others who might be missing one or two dice to complete their sets.

Orphans I'd like to give or complete as part of a trade:
Spoiler Alert!

Orphan squads that I would like to complete:
Spoiler Alert!

I don't know if you still have any of these, but your two broken Yari would complete an orphan set of mine (also broken yari lol) I recently had to buy some orphan Retchets from all things heroscape to round out that orphan squad
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