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Re: Welcome to C3G! Directory

Originally Posted by tcglkn View Post
We're closing in on our 12th year as a project, and have well surpassed our wildest ambitions as we've blown past 1,000 designs. With that in mind, we've taken a close look at our library, with the benefit of hindsight and a wealth of knowledge gained through experience over those years. We are currently considering updating some old designs to give them more appropriate classes. Nothing is set in stone, and we value your feedback. A couple examples would be:
Animal Man changing from an Adventurer(tied to Fantastic Four synergy) to a Champion(tied to Justice League synergy)
potentially removing a degree of "one off" classes to ensure a more mindful streamlined library as we head into the many designs of the future
Do you feel that these types of changes are worth while endeavors for a more solid foundation to the project, or do you feel the need to re-print these cards to be more bother than benefit?

We are looking to do one sweep to get things to a comfortable and confident place moving forward, at which point we will be far more vigilant to ensure as soon as they are released to you, that these types of updates will not be needed.

We want to hear from all of our fans so if you can see this but aren't actively involved behind the scenes of C3G please respond. I'd definitely love to hear from our most active Allies though so I'm gonna tag a few of you here:
@Captain Redbeard
@Dr. Jekyll
  • I'm totally open to a class change where it makes sense, like the Animal Man example.
  • Looking around at some of the one off classes, I don't think they should be removed just because they're a one off class, but because theres a better fit for the character. I can't see Ronan or Conan as anything besides their current classes, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Count Vertigo or Doombot change for example.
I 100% think these are changes worth pursuing. C3G has been around for what, right around 10 years? I'm sure a fair few of the figures from the early days would appreciate a class that's more appropriate for the character.
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