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The Journal of Philibert

The Journal of Philibert
Wave 4: Madness in the Forbidden Mountains
Pack 2: Heroes of Mondein

Spoiler Alert!

Download Card in PDF Here

The figure used for this unit is a Dungeon & Dragons figure from Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica
#033 Lazav, Dimir Guildmaster (R)

Character’s Biography:

Born on the Isle of Men, Philibert is great warrior, and his passion is to one day explore the whole world. One night when leaving the Isle of Men to Scotland, the weather was not good for sailing and his boat turned over. The boat quickly sunk and Philibert without knowing how to swim sunk with it. Jandar save this life by opening a portal and transporting him to Valhalla. Jandar gave Philibert a chance to life and to do what he likes more, explore!

Character’s Stats:

Life = 7
Move = 4
Range = 1
Attack = 4
Defense = 2
Price = 120 pts

Unique Hero
Medium 5

Character’s Abilities:

When moving with Philibert, you may move 2 additional spaces. You most attack an enemy figure with Philibert to use this ability.

Add 1 defense dice to Philibert for each friendly Jandar figure adjacent to him.

At the end of the round, reveal the “X” order mark on Philibert. Immediately take a turn with Philibert.

This Card was Created by the Explores of Valhalla Team.

Currently Working with the Explores of Valhalla Team.

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