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The Journal of Trigukih

The Journal of Trigukih
1st Year Anniversary Figures

Spoiler Alert!

Download Card in PDF Here

The figure used for this unit is a Dungeon & Dragons figure from Monster Menagerie 3
#012 Tridrone / Kraken Priest (C)

Character’s Biography:

Many creatures live in the oceans of Valhalla, some are dangerous but other are guardians and protectors of the seas. During the battle in Valhalla, the guardians of the seas noticed that Utgar and his army had contaminated parts of the oceans in Valhalla. At first, they approach the situation peacefully but soon Utgar began to attack the guardians of the seas. Mad about this Trigukih, one of the guardians of the seas, traveled to Valhalla to help Aquilla and its Allies eliminate the threat of Utgar once and for all. Trigukih was send to Avoria so he can help Aquilla in the area.

1st Year Anniversary Figures:

In our 1st Year Anniversary, we made 5 new figures, one for each member of the Explorers of Valhalla Team.

Character’s Stats:

Life = 7
Move = 5
Range = 1
Attack = 3
Defense = 3
Price = 160 pts

Unique Hero
Medium 6

Character’s Abilities:

Range 1 +Special. Attack 5.
While on a water space, select a figure to attack. All adjacent figures are also affected by this Kraken Tentacles Special Attack. Roll attack dices once for all affected figures. Affected figures roll dices separately.

Trigukih does not have to stop its movement when entering water spaces.

While Trigukih is on a water space, add 1 to its Attack and Defense.

This Card was Created by the Explores of Valhalla Team.

Currently Working with the Explores of Valhalla Team.

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