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Venom's Venocs vs. Ragnarok Crew.

My buddy and I decided to do a Marvel battle for a change, and we decided to do 600-point armies and randomly pick 1 hero to be a part of it.

My Army:
Venom - 150pt
Elite Onyx Vipers 100pt
Venoc Warlord - 120pt
5x Venoc Vipers - 200pt


I decided to go for flavor, the idea was the Symbiotes arrived on Marr and effected some Venocs (The EOV) and so the Venoc warlord decided that the new Super-Vipers would prove good for an invasion force.

My Opponent:
Hulk - 370pt
Frost Giant of Morh - 140pt
Thorgrim - 80pt

The Battlefield:

This map was made using 3 marvel maps. I really wanted to make a map that used a multi-story building, so I got creative.

The map was built so the more powerful buffs were inside the buildings, giving incentive to go inside instead of just smashing our armies together.

The Game:

Immediately my Venocs were swarming the map, and within 2 rounds I had broken down the small building's door, taken over the +1 Def, +2 Move, and +2 Def glyphs. Hulk took the Initiative buff while Thorgrim and the Ice Giant went in for battle. Only about a squad of Venocs died, while the Ice Giant and then Thorgrim fell. Thorgrim's Defensive buff was put onto Hulk, and then... it was time to SMASH. Hulk flew in and began decimating Venoc squads 3 or 4 at a time with his stomp.

After only a few rounds, I was down to 1 EOV, 1 Venoc, the Warlord, and Venom. Hulk was on 2 wounds left, and used a super leap to get into the large building for cover. I took chase with venom, breaking the wall in 1 hit, but it was too late. Hulk got a healing glyph, removing 6 Wounds. Venom and Hulk battled inside the building's levels for 3 or 4 rounds, until Hulk with 5 wounds SMASHed Venom dead in a huge punch, rolling 7 skulls to my 1 shield and crit-failing my Spider Sense. Then came the epic battle with the Venoc Warlord, the mastermind of this invasion.

It was a suprisingly close fight. I slithered to the +2Def glyph for a small advantage, and we duked it out. Hulk had 7 wounds on him, and rolled a mighty 6 skulls on his punch. I rolled 2 shields, taking lethal.

Thor and Hulk are a hell of a combo.

I hope this battle report was entertaining and I hope you found the map interesting enough to try building yourselves!
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