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Re: Combating Nissa's Range and her Elf's

What me and my around like 10+ friends that I play with, we actually felt for the longest time (and still do for now) that Liliana was the most OP planeswalker. As for Nissa, I have a few ideas.

First off, like Colorcrayons said, you have to use terrain to your advantage. Playing in an open field is only leaving yourself open for Nissa and her cronies whom have probably set up Rangers ontop of high terrain with Pathwardens behind them so they can't be hit from range. As such, I like to build my maps with lanes like a MOBA, so if Nissa and her army tries to take Mid-Lane or Bottom, you can still take the high road behind the safety of a giant wall of terrain about 7 pieces high. Of course, this requires about 2.5 Master Sets, lol.

What I'm getting at is that we've discovered that as I got better at building a map that takes into account all types of planeswalkers abilities really evens out the playing field for everyone. And that could be her problem. Just a thought. I also am a Junior at the University of Texas at Dallas in their Game Design program and my focus is Level Design so you could say that I'm biased, lol.
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