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NewSpice's 05/28/14 Sale List

***Price reduced to $100


A while ago, I purchased some Heroscape stuff and played it a few times. I didn't really get into it, and have let the pieces sit in the garage since then. I'd like to get rid of this stuff as a lot. I'm asking $100 total, including shipping, for the lot. Boxes will not be included unless the buyer wants to pay the shipping difference (which will probably be a decent amount). I priced everything out on Ebay, and the total came out to a decent amount more than $100. I don't really know much about the state of the game's markets, though, so if this is an unreasonable asking price, please let me know.

Lot contents:

2x Rise of the Valkyrie Base Set - I'm not 100% sure that everything is here. When I used to play with friends, we weren't meticulous about returning everything to their rightful owners, so I may have some extra pieces or I may be missing a few. I counted 61 figures, though. There's a ton of terrain pieces, some walls, lots of dice and smaller pieces. Some of the figure cards are a little bent.

I purchased some expansion packs, as well. Here are the units I have (their corresponding cards are included):

Sentinels of Jandar
Microcorp Agents
Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan
Shaolin Monks
Alistair Macdirk
Macdirk Warriors
Concan the Kyrie Warrior
Saylind the Kyrie Warrior
Deathwalker 7000

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

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