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Re: Utah Monthlies 2020

Originally Posted by BiggaBullfrog View Post
Originally Posted by Climbing ice View Post
Will there be an event this month? Would love to meet some people other than my wife to play with. haha.
Welcome to the site!!

Unfortunately, there won't be an event this month. Things are kind of up in the air in a weird in-between stage, so we're just playing it safe this month. Personally, I am holding out hope for next month, but we also haven't talked it over as a group (and sometimes even when we plan for stuff things still turn scrambled-side-up).

It's great to have you around, though! I'll let you know for sure when we know more details! We've got a great group and we'd be super excited to have you join!
Thats too bad, but not unexpected. Please keep me in the loop, I'd love to join you guys.
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