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Re: Looking for Superscape help -updated with battle results


A nice 1 vs 1 vs 1 game we've played is X-Men vs Brotherhood vs Master mold and 3x Sentinels. The Sentinel army in a vacuum is the weakest army but it seems to always balance out in our games since everyone knows that and the beginning is X-Men vs Brotherhood but the fact that the Sentinels keep getting the Mutant bonuses from both sides helps.[/QUOTE]

I did a solo play test(for what its worth) yesterday 1 v 1 v 1 with:

3x Shield Agents
Dum Dum Dugan




Dr Doom 245
Dr Ock
Venom 150

Bullseye and Sandman were the last men standing with the item. It was mostly a balanced game.

One thing I wanted to include was that once you picked up the item you removed all wounds but lost the ability to fly or any special ability movement.

Another idea I had was to have the 1st part of the scenario be 2 (criminals) vs 1 (Agents)

The 2nd part maybe have the criminals turn on each other and duke it out for the item and have a 3rd team of heroes try to get it back. Maybe have the criminal team that won the 1st stage have one troop start in the middle or opposite side of their the start zone with the item and have back up in the start zone.

Lots of ideas.
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