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Re: TV Show: Star Wars, The Clone Wars (not the movie)

Originally Posted by Lord Pyre View Post
The movie wasn't that great as a movie, but it was good for the start of a TV show. That said, I wish it were on TV and I would've saved my money.

But so far, I like how it's going. Showing the clones as actual people was great. Even most of the Jedi didn't think of them as people, so it's good to see them getting some recognition.

My only real complaint is the battle droids. They are BATTLE droids. They are mass produced with no personality to follow orders by a superior. They aren't stupid; they're cold killers. Giving them extra programming to forget things like attack formations sectors of a battlefield (What??), and having them hesitate when they realize they've made an error? A giant waste of money, not to mention the fact that with that personality, they are WORSE at their job.
I can see that they added it for comic relief, but I never laughed at them anyway. Common sense kills all of the humor.

Now, if it were stormtroopers, It'd be funnier.

That said, I still look forward to seeing the rest of it, if only to see what happens to Asohka (Sp?) by order 66.

It will be interesting to see seeing as how she didnt exist when order 66 was originally executed.
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