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Re: Range>Melee???

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Deathwalker 8000-130
Major Q10-150

An OM nightmare for sure, but it should do fine against all the melee. DW8K should have some fun against the average attack and defense squads. Syvarris would start and assumably take out a bit over a squad of whatever you open with. Once Syvarris inevitably falls, DW8K comes next and has fun with the special attack. Zetacron will be for Marcus whenever the opportunity arises. Major Q10 serves as fantastic cleanup against all of your army using Machine Pistol as much as possible until Q10 is engaged. DED doesn't do much, but he has the highest range in the game and that's kinda the entire point in my counter.
Axegriders x5 350
Q10 500

Dwarves cause they are fun and should handle all your large units. Q10 to cause a break in the fabric of reality from meeting himself
What if you don't have that many dwarves?
Then I hope that break in reality works to my advantage and gives me more!

Keep your hints rational!
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