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Re: Heroscape's Very First ONLINE Tournament!

Due to people asking the first round will probably not start until mid-December, after finals and it still gives plenty of time for people to sign up.

Originally Posted by lefton4ya View Post

Sign me up as long as the first game is after finals for me (Dec 6 or later).

Also, when picking maps, try to have ones that do not use two of any set (including BftU) or harder to find ones (Jungle, Lava, Tundra). Lava can be easily substituted, and I suppose you could use Dungeon ruck outcrops or even RttFF trees as Tundra outrops if you had two sets of them, but Jungle would be hard to come by for some.
Yes, I do plan on keeping that in mind for the next maps I pick. Probably one or two more. The reason that those three maps were chosen is because at the time they were the only HeroSkype maps available.

Adding everyone right now!

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