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Re: Suggestions for the C3V Design Team

Have always wanted Minotaurs and Centaurs.

Caffeine says: A futuristic Vydar type unit could be a heavily armored bulldozerbot that when it follows a straight line for x number of spaces it gets to knock all small or medium units out of its way. High defense value, no attack value (so wouldn't hand out leaving swipes to the enemy).

Instead of Vydar, maybe it could complement the Deathwalkers some way.

Speaking of Vydar, perhaps Vydar should turn evil. Everyone knows that Q9 has some sort of evil subroutine buried deep down in his circuits.

Perhaps an Utgar virus unit could be made. Such a unit would have a relatively high chance of reprogramming non-Utgar soulborgs. Make them cheap. Give them a decent chance to autowound (say roll of 17-19) the unlucky soulborg along with a chance (roll a 20) of capturing the enemy unit. Make these plentiful but easy to destroy.

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