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Re: NHSD Massacre in Michigan!!

I guess I will post about the Jotun vs Drake event in my last game with waycoolsuperdude... it was such a dominant part of that game I hardly remember the rest of that game, so I will just report this part of the game.

After killing most of his army... with zelrig vs commons ... I was hopeing for a clean sweep, I almost had all his figs dead and still had all mine alive. Then his drake grappled up on top of the lava hill at the end of a round.

The next round he placed 3 turn markers on drake (I expected it to be 1 2 3), I won initiative, and where I got cocky and said "This is going to tick you off"... and moved my jotun adjacent to his drake, now eye to eye with jotun on the tall hill. I rolled for throw... got a 14, threw drake in the molten lava... he rolls and survives... Drake grapples back to the same space he was, and does 3 wounds on jotun. I roll for throw again, and again throw Drake in the lava... he rolls and survives again.... and again grapples back to the hill, doing another 4 points of damage to jotun, who is now dead at 7 wounds...... of corse I had my third order marker on Jotun. Drake then kills off a few 10th regiment in the next rounds... and the game ends on time.

I still won, but so close to a sweep .

Also, I found my einar D20... so my collection is safe and still complete

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