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Re: Remove one unrevealed Order Marker at random?

Originally Posted by lefton4ya View Post
My only point is that each game/event/tournament organizer has the right by Heroscape's very nature to decide interpretations. I agree that these should be done before a game starts to set the groundrules and expectations, and that if someone disagrees before the game start then a decision by the organizer can be changed. However in my view it is more important as a player to go by the rules of the organizer without complaining, than to resent the organizer who may not go by the same rules as other groups/tournaments you play.

For this example Gencon has option 5 and Online tournaments have option 1, and most tournaments I have been to in Ohio and KY (and home games in my house) have option 3 or 4, but I am perfectly happy with playing differently in different groups.
@Brewster Would you be willing to to follow the rules of each group, or would you rather not play because they do not have your preferred rule interpretation? Sorry if I seem like an a$$ asking this, but my hope is we can "agree to disagree" if it means we can play more games and have fun doing so.
I'm typically happy to play however the house/TO wants. The bad beats so to speak happen when such a scenario happens in the moment, you were playing the whole game under the assumption the rules work one way, and instead they worked the other way. If I go into a game knowing the mind flayer can pick away a vital OM on an educated guess, that makes it much more powerful, and I will play accordingly. But if I play under the assumption that I have only a 33% chance of getting wrecked by it, and it turns out I was guaranteed to get wrecked by it, my whole game goes belly-up because of confusion over the word "random".

Tl;Dr regardless of the TO or house rules, don't tell me it's random if it's not randomized.
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