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Omnicron Snipers here. I love 'em i'm a pretty agressive player and I really like strong army's, especially squads, and omnicrons make that happen, plus their not utgar, a.k.a. the worst general ever, haha. Now if only ullar had soulborg.

I played a pretty recent game, I had Omnicrons, Taelord, Theracus, Zettians, and AE. I took the attack glyph with my flyingpony, who at same time was bringing Taelord on to the field with it's hoves, . Then on turn 2 and 3 they completly obliterated the opponent, it worked out pretty good. Well, before Jotun smashed them up, but they took enough of him out for the zettians to bid fairwell.

you guys are really making me want to by multiple commons here, but my wallet gah!!

In fact I don't even have Omnicrons, they were my cousins.
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