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Re: The Book of Othkurik the Black Dragon

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Our esteemed Grishnak has brought up an interesting concern about Othkurik. His sculp with it's bent neck positioning, creates visibility issues for Lil Blacky.

I will be consulting with the rules team. Until we have an official sighting answer, perhaps just use the dragon's neck spines as a sighting point.
Has there been any official word on this yet?
I thought you didn't have to worry about facing and figures could look through most of their bodies, with a few exceptions. That's why we ended up with questions about Mimring looking through his own wings and such right?

So shouldn't Othkurik be able to look through his bent neck?
For meele attacks facing doesn't matter, but ranged attacks always have to have LOS. Single spaced figures can be rotated during your turn so facing doesn't matter for them as long as they can get LOS and still be centered on the hex.
Ok, but doesn't the pictorial for Mimring's fireline special attack show him able to launch the line behind him (been a while since I looked at it)?

And didn't Swarm of the Marro rulebooklet say that flipping a 2 space figure's facing on its turn was a free action?
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