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Re: The Book of Othkurik the Black Dragon

I thought this guy looked really interesting the other day and I decided to build a 500 point team around him.

Deathreavers x 2 = 80
Marrden Hounds x 2 = 180
Othkurik = 140
Raelin (ROTV) = 80
Marcu Esenwien (filler) = 20
500 total

This team has worked really well for me if I lead out with the rats tying up as many figures as possible. I then proceed with the hounds who work really well with the rats because their plague doesn't work on soulborgs and if the opposition is spreading out its pretty easy to find adjaceny to atleast 2 with the hounds due to their size. I also like to keep Raelin close enough to the rats/hounds to increase their defense to 6 and 7. I feel this allows me to breath acid on my own troops without the worry of losing them everytime. I feel like this is a very fun team to play.
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