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Custom marvel card help, and my custom ideas....

I am looking for a how to on making the marvel custom cards.. I have made custom cards using the HCC but I don't like it for the superherosand would like to make them the way i see them on here with either comic pictures of the hero being customized or with tricked out pics of the figure. I have no problem with the actual modeling part of the customization. I have done just a few U.S. Agent, taskmaster, WWII Cap America, Hercules, thug squad(similar to Zombies, more of them the worst off you will be) , police squad (similar to soldiers but less range and a play on the marrowarrior regeneration without the water, called "call for backup".) , and the classic Iron-man ( just working on him).

For U.S. Agent i kept Cap America's stats but dropped the defense by one (since i don't think he is as skilled as cap), lowered his point cost, and dropped the tactician special( i have never seen him as a leader). I also added a special i call Enhanced Durability to represent that he is augment strength and toughness wise.

Enhanced Durability. If U.S. Agent is to take damage roll a 20-sided dice on a roll of 15-17 one wound is ignored on a roll of 18-20 he ignores 2 wounds. This can only be used ONCE per round.

the next shot is squads of hydra agents, aim agents, shield agents,and what i call henchmen because if you keep them adjacent to a hero(villian) they will take your wounds(with there life) but are weak and are basicly cannon fodder.

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