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Re: Blob C3G X-Men Master Set - Playtesting Phase

Got done with Blob this morning and here's his test sheet. Remember to link it on the first page Bats.

NAME OF THE TEST UNIT ___Blob @ 160 pts__

- Theme/ Does it pass, if not, list your Theme Check observations. Pass
- Mirror/ Does it pass, if not, list your Mirror Check observations. Pass
- Bonding/ Does it pass, if not, list your Bonding Check observations. Pass
- Synergy/ Does it pass, if not, list your Synergy Check observations. Pass
- Power/ Does it pass, if not, list your Power Check observations. Pass
(Be sure to list what official units you used and what BoV map you used per section below.)
-Squad/ Does it pass? Pass
-Played on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh vs. Anubian Wolves x2 (150 points).
Blob took the victory on turn 3 of round 3. He had 4 wounds and killed 5 Anubians (1 had died from Unleashed Fury roll of 1). He faced Unleashed Fury roll of 20 for attacks of 9 by 2 adjacent Anubians and took 4 wounds. One other time he faced 1 Anubian with 9 attack dice but they only rolled 2 skulls that he easily defended. Blob did as expected considering his Blubber is really tough against normal attacks, especially lower normal attacks that would require him to whiff defense dice to take wounds.

I also played on the same map with Blob vs. 10th Regiment x2 (150 points)

Blob won on turn 6 of round 3. He had 5 wounds. The 10th have low attacks, so it took him whiffing on two occasions to take 4 wounds and only getting 2 shields (1 actual) vs. a 3 skull attack. Again, Blob should do this against this type of opponent. He was able to engage them well enough as they have average range, plus they attempted wait and fire when possible to get extra attack die.

-Heavy Hitter/ Does it pass? Pass
-Played against Sonlen (160 points) on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh.
-Test 1 Blob won with 3 wounds on turn 5 of round 2.
-Test 2 Blob won with 2 wounds on turn 3 of round 2.
-Test 3 Sonlen won with 2 wounds on turn 5 of round 2.
-Test 4 Sonlen won with 4 wounds on turn 3 of round 2.
-Test 5 Blob won with 2 wounds on turn 6 of round 2.

Blobís Blubber helped most of the time against Sonlenís normal attack, except for a couple whiffs when rolling defense dice. Sonlen had ranged attack to help get off early shot, but didnít often help. He needed to get into range of Dragon Swoop to bypass Blubber and when it was on, it was on to help get him a couple wins. Also, when Dragon Heal was working, it helped him stay alive longer and on the win when he had 4 wounds, he really took 7 from Blob but was able to heal 3 of them.

Played against Spiderman (160) on same map.

Test 1 Blob won with 5 wounds on turn 5 of round 3.
Test 2 Spidey won with 1 wound on turn 2 of round 4.
Test 3 Spidey won with 3 wounds on turn 1 of round 4.
Test 4 Spidey won with 4 wounds on turn 3 of round 3.
Test 5 Spidey won with 2 wounds on turn 5 of round 3.

These results arenít surprising. Man, Blob vs. Spidey is a long match. Spidey had great mobility and Swung all over the place to make Blob chase him and miss attacks by just having to move so much. Spidey Sense of course saved Spideyís bacon most of the time. He only used his normal attack on a couple occasions and that was only with height. His Web attack bypassed Blubber and even lowered Blobís defense by 1 and that was what always whittled Blob down. No surprises as a mobile opponent with ranged special attack should be a good counter to Blob.

- Melee Army/ Does it pass? Pass
Played on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh.for both tests.

Blob (160) Axegrinders x3 (210) Migol (110) and Kelda (80) for 560 points.

They went against Knights of Weston x3 (210) Sir Gilbert (105) Raelin (80) Frinn (80) and Thorgrim (80) for 555 points.

Test 1- 5 KOW, Gilbert with 0 wounds, and Finn with 0 wounds survive for victory. Blob was killed on turn 4 of round 7 after being surrounded by 4 KOW (3 with height), Finn with height and Gilbert with height. He had put himself in harms way big time to go after Raelin because his Axegrinders and Migol were getting destroyed by the KOW with Raelinís defense aura. KOW were getting good move help from Gilbert and were rolling at least 2 skulls much of the time vs. the Axegrinders who couldnít keep up. Blob killed Raelin (all wounds) and 3 KOW (on 4 attacks). Axegrinders had gotten most of the activations and Kelda did a couple as well, one time to take 2 wounds off of Blob when taking 3 wounds after whiffing defense. He was the last man standing for his team against 7 KOW, Gilbert, Finn and Raelin, so while he didnít have a great supporting cast, he did his job pretty good. The opponentís team was tops with synergy and after Raelinís first move all OMís could go on KOW card to activate them and their hero buddies, so this was an extremely tough army to go against.

Test 2 Ė Blob (160) Charos (210) Drake (110) and Brave Arrow (50) for 530 points.

They went against Wo-Sa-Ga (135) Cyprien (150) Ornak (100) Sonya (45) Iskra (50) Recchets (50) 530 points.

-Charos with 6 wounds and Drake with 4 wounds survived to win. Blob didnít have much of a chance this game. He put 1 wound on Cyprien in the 2nd round before Cyprien rolled a 19 (+2 for Sonya) for 21 and put 6 wounds on Blob right off the bat. Dead Blob. Cyprien also did the same thing to Charos, putting 6 wounds on him, but Charos and Drake took care of Cyprien afterwards. WSG took out Brave Arrow, but didnít last long vs. Drake. The Recchets got summoned in round 2 but never got Lethal Sting vs. Drake. He killed them and moved on to help Charos finish off the other vampires and Ornak. Thereís not anything Blob (or even Charos) could do to avoid a lucky d20 roll for Cyprienís Chilling Touch. Blobís team still won though, so his cost certainly didnít keep him from having a good team.
-Ranged Army/ Does it pass? Pass
-Due to the new standards for playtesting, I only did one Ranged Army Test.
-Played on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh for both tests.

Blob (160) Dr. Doom (245) Stingers x3 (180) and Warden 816 (90) for 675 points.

They went against Iron Man (240) Captain America (220) and Protectors of Ullar x 2 (220) for 680 points.

2 Protectors of Ullar survive to win. Blob was killed on turn 3 of round 7. He killed 2 Protectors of Ullar, put final 3 wounds on Iron Man and 2 wounds on Captain America. Warden 816 was killed on after his first move in round 1 by Iron Man. It was looking bad early as Iron Man and Captain America were taking it to the Stingers, and Doom went down early after only putting 2 wounds on Captain America. After Captain America went down, it was hard to wound Blob with normal attacks, but POW had height and while he was able to chase some of them down due to their slow movement, he was finally taken down as the last survivor for his team.

Analysis: Overall Blob was fun to play and seemed to play his roll very well. Heís strong against normal attacks of any kind, especially lower ones of commons and while still a handful against special attacks, he can be hurt well enough with those without being overly tough. I didnít get a chance to test his Immovable special power. One thing I would question about Immovable as it is written, it doesnít seem to allow a friendly figure to move him either. Perhaps it should be changed to this:

Blob cannot be moved by any special power on any Army Card or Glyph that is controlled by an opponent.

This would allow him to be summoned by Saylind if she was on his team or by a teammate using a glyph to summon him. It would also allow him to be carried by a friendly teammate. Since his Immovability is of his own control, he should be able to be moved via summoning or carried if he chooses to be moved in that fashion.

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