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Restructuring the top.

Hey folks. I've been hinting for awhile that I might do a power ranking revamp. I'm not really looking for discussion on these points, although I'm sure people will want to throw in their two cents. This is the first in a wave of things I plan to do throughout this month, but it might end up being the only one I actually do.

I'm trying to get the Power Rankings grades to more closely follow setup I have in my Tier discussion thread.

People have been asking for awhile to have some more concrete definitions for what it means to be an A. This will still be a largely subjective list, as even after over 100 tournament games, I don't feel that I know all there is to know, and that variance and matchups will always play a part. This ranking list that was originally designed as a fun joke became some kind of community pillar. Even still, here are my attempts at working definitions of the rankings.

Units in the "A" range are units that can realistically be components (either major or minor) in a highly successful [read: tier 1] tournament army. A+ units (now just Raelin and Deathreavers) work with just about everything and make most armies better with minimal order marker investment, and have gotten even better with the release of Jungle. Flat A units are tournament staples, and are often on the tongues of people looking to make more A+ units. Be ready to face them. Play around with point totals to see which ones work best for any tournament you go to: even if you don't play them, someone else probably will. A- units can be equally dominant if the maps, glyphs, or expected matchups favor them.

Units in the B range have all the tools necessary to give you some control over the game and your own fate, but there are often better ways to spend your points. They may have some rather favorable matchups against a few top armies, but will struggle a lot with others. That B+ zone in particular is home to a bunch of potential upset-makers.

Units in the C range and below really shouldn't be considered if you are mostly concerned with winning a tourament, or even many games. If you have lots of experience with them, if there's a quirky army environment or set of rules, or you just feel like it, knock yourself out.

Going Down:

A+ to A:
4th Mass
Major Q9
Sir Gilbert

A to A-:
10th Regiment of Foot
Kaemon Awa
Major Q10

B+ to B:
Blade Gruts

B+ to A-:
Sentinels of Jandar
Sgt. Drake Alexander SOTM

B to A-:

B to B+:

B- to B+
Sgt. Drake ROTV

Old paragraph was longer- summary: Valiant units are good to have around. I still think most of the stuff that went down is good- this just more accurately reflects the relative changes with the A+ category being vacated.

Originally Posted by fomox View Post
(I've also played many matches with great, fun people who were using Q9. So using Q9 doesn't make you a tool. But being a tool sure seems to make you use Q9.)

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