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eMCee Tournament Armies Played

Okay, I'll play along ... I took my 12yr old son to his first tournament and, due to an odd number of players, stepped in to play so there wouldn't be any BYEs. I came unprepared, so, I threw together a gimic army of "anything-I-could-find-with-wings-in-my-sons-bucket-plus-Archers"

Once I started playing I got hooked, and hope to compete again soon. So ...

Dallas National Heroscape Day 2009:
Army = Minions, Protectors, Cyprien, Sonya, AubrienArchers, Isamu
Losses to Rodriquez, Fencerjared, Tmac2200; Wins against Sweetcurse, ?Ryan?
Results 2-3

I am 2-3 overall for 40% win rate.
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