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Re: Tournament Armies Played

510 in the 510 (January 2008)
This was a draft tournament. You can see what 16 units I brought here. I was proud of my first tournament going 1-4. Win against CRS Buddy, losses to Wind Lane, Satyr, and 1moreheroscaper.

Bay Area Brawl (NHSD 2008)
There were many little events going on and I got in a total of 6 games, going 3-3. You can read what I played and so forth here. Losses to 1moreheroscaper and HexEnductionHour. Wins against dnutt and John.

NorCal New Year-New Army (February 2009)
Not quite sure how well I did here, but I seem to recall going 3-2 for my first winning record. I brought Nilfheim, 4th x3, and Rats x2 (we switched armies after each game though) Win against Satyr, loss to Racer X.

SoCal Slaughter (NHSD 2009)
I played Mimring, Zetacron, Grimnak, Nerak, and Heavies x2 (520) at my first Socal tournament going 3-1 with some close matches, and some solid wins (for both sides too). A bye and loss to Oogie da Bruce.

SF Bay Area Draft (July 2010)
As this was a draft tourney my army changed every game, but I played the Greenscales in four games and I also made use of the Microcorp and Braxas. You can read more on what armies I played and how they played here. I went 3-2 for fourth place. Wins against fresno_bob's son, cmgames, and grimfang. Losses to Menchi and dnutt.

SoCal Slaughter (NHSD 2010)
I played 10th x3, AE, Marcus and Raelin (515) at my second Socal tournament going 5-0 for first place. Battle report here. Wins against CharosinCharge, Everyone Loves Raelin, Leotheanimal87,Counterstrike, and Gamerhusband.

SoCal Slaughter (NHSD 2011)
I played Microcorp x2, Warforged Soldiers x3 and Raelin (520) at my third Socal tournament going 2-2 for sixth place. Battle report here. Losses to CharosinCharge and Leotheanimal87 and wins against King Of The Marro and Oogie da Bruce.

Online HS Season VCheese 2 (2020)
First time playing using the online HS interface (excluding one practice session). Was one and done (0-1) for this single elimination tourney.I played Beorn Boltcutter, Bol, Mogrimm Forgehammer, Zetacron, Axegrinders of Burning Forgex4 losing to Bol, Isamu, Marcu Esenwein, Raelin the Kyrie Warrior [RotV], Nhah Scirh Cultistsx5 in a very close game that saw me with a full Beorn versus Isamu and single Cultist at the end. I should've gone all-in on the Axegrinders or used Zetacron more (the only ranged figure in the matchup) to force him to come to me and my slow dwarfs instead of the middle of the road strategy I adopted. Sir H's take is here.

Online HS Season 39 (2021)
Battle reports here, here, here, here, and here. Ended up 4-1.

Online HS Season 40 (2021)
Battle reports here, here, here and here. Ended up 2-2.

Online HS Season 41 (2021)
Battle reports here. The massed Tagawa Samurai Archers destroyed the knight builds here, but ranged squads were a problem for them. Ended 4-2, losing to the eventual 1st and 2nd place players.

Online HS Season 43 (~August 2021)
Win against heroscaper2010 and dok here, loss against vegie and shiftrex in this matchup.
Ended 2-2.

C3V Public Playtesting (September 2021)
Win agaist mtl1998, superfrog, kevindola, Knight of Scape, loss to vegie and dok (reports here, here, here, here, here, and here).
Ended 4-2 with a semifinals appearance.

Online HS Season 46 (Feb/March 2022)
Brought a Kozil, Sujoah, Wyvern+Spiders build to this multiformat event (Treasure Quest, Heat of Battle, Assassin's Creed, Control Points). Win against Vegie's Dad (Gladiators) HoB format on Raknar's Rift, Earthling CP format on Dance of the Dryads (Van Nessing, Wolves/WW Lord), and heroscape2010 (Q9, Rats) on Royal Gardens with Treasure quest format. Loss to Sir Heroscape (Romans/MBS/MDG/Mogrimm) with AC format on Platypus.
Playoff win against Dysole (Mirror but Estivara for Wyvern!) HoB format on Barrentop, playoff loss against sup3rfrog (Monks) CZ format on By A Thread.
Ended 4-2

Online HS Season 48 (June/July 2022)
Brought Scaling New Heights (Raelin the Kyrie Warrior [RotV], Van Nessing, Zogross Hardscale, Greenscale Warriorsx3, Sahuagin Raider) for this Delta Rule of 9 event. Loss to quozl (Wyrmlings) on Ruined City and Dok (TKN/MW) on Aeon. Win against ryguy266 (Glad/Blast) on Slalom and Captain Stupendous (Cyprien/Shades) on Origin.
Ended 2-2.

ScapeCon II (July 2022)
Amazing event! 60% win rate on the week, and someday I'll write a more in depth summary from my notes.

C3V Public Playtesting (August 2022)
Loss against Dysole, BodaciousBlood, MegaSilver. Reports here, here, andhere.
Ended 0-3.

SoCal NHSD (November 2022)
Went 3-0 at this small event with Major Q10, Axegrinders x2, Migol, Marro Warriors. (450 points, only one A+ unit, Rule of 9). After I wrapped up the #1 spot, epic game against Leotheanimal87 where Migol killed the Frost Giant, who hit a 3/3 Dying Swipe to kill him and leave the game in a tie.

SoCal Monthly (February 2023 – Corona, CA)
450 points, 16 starting hex limit, no more than 9 of the same figure, and you can only have 1 A+ unit (Marro Warriors, Deathreavers, Raelin RotV, Q9) and I played GSW x3, Kalagrith, Marro Warriors, Eldgrim

Win against MrAlwaysWonder on Blackridge (Ne-Gok-Sa, Me-Burq-Sa, Roman Legionaires x2, Iskra, Rechets of Bogdan, Otonashi), Kobe on Two Puddles (Atlaga, Nilfheim, Marro Warriors, GSW x2), Master Roshi on Blackridge (Marcus Decimus Gallus, Syvarris, Roman Legionaires x2, 10th Regiment x2)
Loss against DogginDays on Ashfall (TKN, Raelin, Nagrubs x3 Samuel Brown) and Dekk on Two Puddles (Ornak, Grimnak, NGS, Heavies x2)
Playoff win against DogginDays on Two Puddles for championship. Ended 4-2.

SoCal Monthly (July 2023 - Colton CA)
440 points VC Delta, 21 hex limit and I played GSWx3, Kalagrith, Elite Onyx Vipers

Wins against Keegan on Ticalla Sunrise (Raelin SotM, Atlaga, Saylind, Protectors x2) and TableTopBro on Healing Waters OEAO (Raelin RotV, Izumi, Tagawa, Kozuke, Tarn)
Losses to tfeek (Vipers x6, Venoc Warlord, Brave Arrow) on Healing Waters OEAO and DogginDays (Mellifera, Amberhive Protectors x4, Sujoah, Bol) on Jandar’s Highway

Playoff loss to tfeek on Ticalla Sunrise. Ended 2-3.

ScapeCon III (August 2023)
Had a blast in Indy at my return to ScapeCon! Won VC Monster Mash with a Varks/vulcanmechs build, and finished second in both 3-Headed Hydra with Earthling and Master Roshi, and in Lightweight Berserkers. 23-13 win rate on the week with 36 games.

Overall: nice palindrome of 74-47 for a 61% win rate as of ScapeCon 3 (minus ScapeCon 2, which had a similar WR).

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