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Index of all current Hellboy Universe custom Army Cards

The B.P.R.D. & Allies

- Hellboy -NM24 Certified! [IndyClix] [alternate sculpt from the BPRD Action Pack]
- Abe Sapien [BPRD Action Pack]
- Liz Sherman [BPRD Action Pack]
- Johann Kraus [BPRD Action Pack] - Written by Matt Helm
- Roger the Homunculus [BPRD Action Pack]- Written by Matt Helm
- Ben Daimio - [BPRD Action Pack]Written by Matt Helm
- Daryl the Wendigo - [HeroClix 'Wendigo'] - Written by Matt Helm

- Lobster Johnson [IndyClix]
- Nick Cave [MageKnight 'Fanged Gunslinger'] - Written by Matt Helm
- Hellbaby [coming soon?]

Major Villains [Unique Heroes]

- Big Foot - Written by Matt Helm
- Fulton the Tinker - Written by Matt Helm
- Hecate
- Ka' Harena - Written by Matt Helm
- Major Vassili - Original Character by Garada
- Nessie - Written by Matt Helm
- Ramesses II - written by Matt Helm
- Rasputin
- Rel-Warc-Thorn - Written by Matt Helm
- Vlad The Impailer [coming soon?]

Bestiary [Common & Uncommon Heroes]

- Brine Witch
- Devil Imp
- Dire Wolf [coming soon!]
- Frog Monster [Horrorclix 'Deep One']
- Golden Army [coming soon!]
- Kriegsaffe A
- Kriegsaffe B
- Mummy
- Sasquatch - Written by Matt Helm
- Skeletal Maiden
- Tommyknocker
- Tooth Fairy
- Werewolf

* I will keep this post updated with any NEW Army Cards as I make them, so if you are interested in my Hellboy customs, please bookmark this post and check back again!

HELLBOY for HEROSCAPE Background and Information

The seed for Hellboy for Heroscape [hereafter referred to as Hellboyscape] was planted by a single IndyClix figure. No, it wasn't Hellboy as you might expect. That'd be too simple. It was Hecate, the ancient Greek Goddess of the Witches.

Legend tells of a poster named Matt Helm, and his mournful cry, "Please, won't someone make a custom Army Card to match my proudly acquired and somewhat pricey new miniature?"
I eagerly answered his call, and created a card for Hecate. 'Hmm, that was fun.' I thought, but something was missing. What was it? Then it hit me. An adversary for Hecate was surely in order. But a diety of such magnitude couldn't be challenged by any average hero, most of whom would cower in her presence. No, it had to be a hero with the irreverence and experience to face her. I heard it in my head as clearly as if Hellboy himself was standing right next to me as he spoke: "Lady, I was gonna cut you some slack, 'cause you're a major mythological figure... but now you've just gone nuts!"

It was all downhill from there. Luckily, I already owned the BPRD Action Pack [which contains Hellboy and his closest companions in the BPRD] and a few of the miscellanious Hellboy-related minis from the IndyClix set [although I didn't own Hecate yet]. So Abe, Lobster Johnson, Rasputin and Liz came soon after. I filled in a few of the blanks with HorrorClix figures that were obvious analogues for cannonical adversaries, such as the Kriegsaffe.

Then, Matt Helm lost his mind. He began writing a plethora of Army Cards that were so good, so thematically 'up the alley' of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go with Hellboyscape that I just had to make them. He started delving into characters that are so classic yet entrenched in our modern mythology that there was no way to deny their relevance to the Hellboy mythos.

After that, Hellboyscape kinda took on a life of its own. I view it as its own continuity for Hellboy, much like the films, video games and animated features are each their own extrapolation and interpretation of the comics, each best suited to the strengths of their own medium. For Heroscape, that means figures that are widely available, preferably for a reasonable [and often way below official product] price. Don't worry about the fact that Hellboy never met Bigfoot in the comics [correct me if I'm wrong]... in Hellboyscape, it just makes sense. Mythological, biblical, folkloric and classic monster archetypes all feel at home in Hellboyscape [as they are in the original comics], and the resources are there to easily introduce them to the battlefield of Valhalla.


Matt Helm, who started the whole damn thing. He is the writer of many of the coolest and most imaginative Army Cards in Hellboyscape.

NecroBlade, who has given so much insightful feedback, he may as well be considered the Editor-In-Chief.

Markb97402, who nominated Hellboy for the NM24 process. The cornerstone of the entire Universe is a better figure for the ordeal.

WizKids. You will be missed. Honestly, I've never played a HeroClix game in my life, but the 'Clix product lines [especially HorrorClix], and its predecessor Mage Knight are all fantastic goldmines of afforable, well-sculpted, pre-painted miniatures. Without these figures, there would quite literally be no Hellboyscape.

Hellboy Fans; as much personal pleasure and satifaction as I get from Hellboyscape, one of the best parts of making it is the thought that someone who enjoys Hellboy and Heroscape as much as I do will stumble across this and think "Cool!". Please do not hesitate to give feedback of any kind.


In case I ever try to convince you that I created this thing out of whole cloth, witness:

- Primarily and undoubtably, Mike Mignola's incredible HELLBOY Comics, but I must admit I haven't been keeping up. My main point of reference in the comics probably ends with 2001's 'Conqueror Worm'. One of the problems that I have is that without Mignola doing the purty pictures, I'd rather just watch a DVD, play Hellboyscape or re-read the classic Mignola stuff if I need a Hellboy fix.

-HELLBOY Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game by Stephen Jackson Games, 2002.
This was my main reference guide, especially useful for describing the character traits, powers and abilities of the 'canon' BPRD members and villains. Many personalities, power names, ideas and concepts were lifted from the pages of this book. It is now sadly out-of-print, but you can get a used copy on Amazon for around 1/2 of its original cover price of $25. As a bonus, you get the 'GURPS Lite' rule system, which even in its simplified form is way more complicated than Heroscape [but still only uses six-sided dice]. This mighty tome also contains a capsule of all of the events from the Hellboy comics up until the time of its publication in August of 2002, as well as a wealth of Hellboy images [many by Mignola himself] and background and reference information from sources outside of the comics. Seriously, if you like Hellboy, especially that 'golden era' before the property really blew up, you owe it to yourself to pick up this book.

- The Hellboy Live Action Films. Ron Perlman is perfect as Hellboy. Hellboy II in particular contained some very interesting ideas and yielded some valuable material for Hellboyscape, specifically the Tooth Fairy scene and obviously the Golden Army concept.

- The under-rated Hellboy Animated films. Yeah, they're not as great as the DCAU [see Justice League Unlimited for ultimate radness], but they were ambitious and fun, and most importantly captured the essence of what Hellboy is all about. Blood & Iron [the second film] was particularly good, and features several moments that are iconic Hellboy set pieces, particularly his dialogue and batle with Hecate. Plus, the cast from the live-action films lend their voices to the effort, giving it a whole other level of class and style. The only bad thing about these animated films is that they didn't make more of them, especially after seeing 'Shadow of the Claw' [wait until after the end credits of Blood & Iron].

- Hellboy: Science of Evil for PSP. Admittedly, the game was a bit 'meh' [but still fun if you like Hellboy and you find it cheap], but the instruction booklet contains information [and ability names] for Abe and Liz that helped me finish their cards.

Further Research:

The Amazing Screw-On Head - If you've never seen this 22-minute pilot episode [the only one ever produced], I can only say that it is the closest adaptation of Mike Mignola's comics that will probably ever exist. The DVD is available for next to nothing on Amazon; It is full of delicious Monty Python-esque humor, zombies, vampires, werewolves and guys with flame-throwers. It makes me pine for a Screw-On-Head figure. Oh and Abe Lincoln.

- Garada

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