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guido knows what's in an order marker guido knows what's in an order marker guido knows what's in an order marker
Tourney at Uconn:

I placed 8th with three wins and two losses.

Robot Army:
2x Gladiatrons
1x Blastatrons
Major Q9
Marcu (who never betrayed me once)

Update: 1st Annual Battle at the Boarder.

I placed 3rd going 4-1. My only loss was against a Glad/Blast army, and it was a narrow loss indeed. Loborocket received a mere 83 victory points from that game. I should also note that I was able to Acid Breath three different Cyperions. My army:

Double Dragons:

Raelin or
Reavers x2

Marlboro College was rough on me. I came in 18th out of 20 with one win and four losses. My theories why explained later in the thread. My Army:

Double Dragons Revised:
Rats x1

My current win/loss: 8/7

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Did you lose your saving throw vs. Fabulous?

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