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Re: The Book of Scare Glow (PPT)



Army Test
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes

- What should be the unit's point value? 190-210?
- Give a brief overview.This ended up being a blowout. Panther made it tough to keep Scareglow where I needed him and with a mostly melee army did not have the range to deal with him. Scareglow was useful and game changing while he lasted but seems like he could possibly come down a hair.
Map: Ivy's Greenhouse
Units: Scareglow, Dracula, Silver Banshee, Brother Voodoo (1,200) vs Dr Strange (Avengers), Iron Man (Avengers), Black Panther (Avengers), Giant Man, Yellowjacket, Hank Pym, 2xLightning Bolt (1,200)
Spoiler Alert!


Army Test
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes

- What should be the unit's point value? 190-210?
- Give a brief overview. This was an intense back and forth match where at first it seemed like Team Superman had it but some key maneuvering from Angel turned the tide and brought home the win with a glorious Sucker Punch.
Map: Island Plane Crash
Units: Scareglow, Brother Voodoo, Angel (Warren), Zombie, Spike, Living Mummy, Final Ruin, 3xHellfire: Ignition, 4xHellfire: Fireball, 4xLightning Bolt (1,100) vs Kal-L, Kal-El (JL II), Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Green Arrow (Connor) (1,100)
Spoiler Alert!


Army Test
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes

- What should be the unit's point value? 200
- Give a brief overview. This was a complete domination by the Fan 4. Scareglow locked down Torch which was smart but he went Supernova and seriously wounded Scareglow and took out Hawkeye while also wounding Scarlett which spelled the start of the end for the Avengers.
Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Scareglow, Cap I, Hawkeye (Avengers), Scarlet Witch (Avengers) (1,000) vs Fan 4
Spoiler Alert!

Chose my army because I wanted to test out Scareglow’s ability to switch out same identity figures. The strategy was to use Pym as my OM hub, use Yellowjacket on offense, Giantman on defense. Giantman had double protection from adjacent attacks with Giant Swat and Black Panther’s Fending Daggers. Strange can heal friendly figures, so he could heal Pym while GM or YJ were on the field.
Proved to be a very powerful combination. Dracula’s team lacked range, didn’t have multiple turn activations, special attacks, or many opportunities for autowounds.
Scareglow reducing Strange’s defense and keeping him stuck at low ground did put me on edge, but Yellow Jacket kept Banshee and Scareglow tiny, so their attacks were reduced, and Scareglow was on a level lower than Strange, so he lost engagement with Strange once he became became Tiny Height 1.
One point of interest is, due to what I believe is the most current ruling, because Strange cannot move while engaged to Scareglow, he cannot trade his move to use Dimension Shift on Scareglow to move move him away.
Silver Banshee’s dice weren’t lucky enough, and MD held out, so Strange survived. 
Overall, using Scareglow to hold Pym in place to destroy him would probably have been that army’s best shot at defeating the Illuminati.

Game 2:
This was the most playtesty of playests I’ve ever playtested. A lot of weird stuff to figure out. Part of the design philosophy of Skeletor’s minions is to give them a negative part of their powers, which we kind of discovered here. When Scareglow prevented Clark Kent from moving/switching, it created a situation where all figures I control in Clark’s sight were unable to be destroyed, since the “ignore wounds” part of “Up, Up, and Away!” could occur, but the replacing of Clark with Superman couldn’t. And that power is not a “once per ___” thing, so Scareglow was keeping all my figures alive, but inching nearer and nearer to death. Luckily for Scareglow’s team, he had Angel safely bail him out with Guardian Angel, and then my team was mopped up. Angel was also crucial to that team’s victory, since he kept the Damballa amulet from getting too far away, could move Zombie into Walking Dead range, or set up Spike for Sucker Punches.

Pretty sure a future Prince Adam could create a very similar situation that happened with Clark. Certainly was fun. With future synergy involving Skeletor’s Minions, you won’t need Angel to position Scareglow, since he’s not really a character you’ll prioritize taking turns with. At some point, Skeletor will be shouting at Scareglow, “Get away from [Adam] you fool!”. It made Clark much more fun, and it’ll make Adam a more fun character to use as well.

Game 3:
Quick game where the FF were almost untouchable. I screwed up by moving Hawkeye too close, and paid the price.
Most important part of the game, Wanda placed Scareglow adjacent to Human Torch, preventing his ability to Flame On. I breathed a sigh of relief, but Torch retaliated with Supernova, which was a power I totally forgot he had. He landed 6 skulls, and it killed Hawkeye, half killed Scareglow, and wounded Wanda. I hoped Scareglow would be able to move around and Hawkeye would attack instead, but never got to try it out.

His stats and powers are just right. Draftability will increase with more Minion synergies, but as of now, there aren’t any direct Minion or Terrifying synergies for Scareglow, and the Undead faction needs some boosting.
I’d lower his cost. It’s tough to compare him to Blob, because Blob is probably undercosted, but as far as being an annoying Sticking unit, Blob does it better for 45pts less, and has far more synergies. Mister Fantastic is only 25pts more than Scareglow, but has some of the best turn efficiency in the game and Scientist/Adventurer synergies. Doc Ock is only 5pts more than Scareglow, has Cyberclaw, 4 attacks and Criminal synergy. None of these characters require another unit with a specific power in order to be fielded like Scareglow, and Skeletor is already a costly figure.
I can’t say exactly what the cost should be, but I’d say, take whatever folks think Blob should cost if he were costed today, and subtract that by some.

Fun. Definite impact on the game, but nothing overwhelming.

Karat's THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT'S COST, BALANCE, & DRAFTABILITY: Scareglow is fun and useful but is fairly easy to take down with a few concentrated attacks. He is definitely draftable and is close to where he should be but could probably come down in points some I think.

I did like pairing him with figures like Spike who can help a heavy hitter capitalize on his movement locking and defense subtraction and the Zombie bonding on the figure that summons Scareglow was also super useful.
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