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C3G Promotions Dept. | Wave 42: Superman Family

DISCLAIMER: This is not official. This is a fan made custom project.

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The Superman Family has arrived, and they're bigger than you might've thought. Superman's trusted assistant Kelex is here to walk you through it all!

Nightwing (Chris Kent)
Supergirl (Superman Family)
Ursa (Spymaster)

Greetings. I am Kelex. I served the House of El on Krypton, and continue to serve Kal-El in his work on Earth. Fortress Server indicates record of multiple additional survivors of the fall of Krypton. Kara-Zor El resolves to continue the hope and legacy of her planet. Thara Ak-Var, Avatar of the entity the Flamebird, was a childhood friend of Kara and works to protect the survivors in Kandor. Data indicates additional survivors such as Ursa, wife of the Kryptonian General Zod will work against the unified ideals of these heroes. Timeline data appears corrupted. Data indicates that in one timeline, the son of Ursa will become the Avatar of the Nightwing entity, partnering with Flamebird for good.

Superboy (Jon Kent)
Superman (Superman Family)
Superwoman (Lana Lang)

Superman has worked hard to build his family and legacy here on Earth. His son Jonathan has taken on the mantle of Superboy to share the vision of his father. Additional timeline data appears corrupted at points with the legacy of Kal-El. It appears in some timelines, Kal-El passes away, and his life force carries on his ideals and powers. His childhood friend Lana Lang becomes the Superwoman, working to better the family, even in Kalís return. A young man named Kong Kenan is also affected by the release of energy at Kalís temporary passing to become Super-Man, working to protect the nation of China, coming to work with and idolize Kal as he develops in his role and connection to the mystical.

Lois Lane
Jimmy Olsen
Clark Kent
Perry White

Accessing data on additional connections for Kal-ElÖ Kal-El in his human role found employment at the Daily Planet. Lois Lane is a world renowned reporter, winning many awards and the heart of Kal-El. Their relationship is of key importance to Kal-El. His young friend Jimmy Olsen has additionally gone on adventures with Kal-El, being gifted a special watch for protection. This watch has been repurposed many times as technology to allow for notification of danger by allies. Kal-Elís civilian identity of Clark Kent has worked tirelessly at the Daily Planet to seek out truth. Data indicates that Perry White, Editor at the Daily Planet has been prominent in the roles of Kal and Ms. Lane, with data indicating him taking on role of godfather to their child.

Ultra Boy
Mon-El (Superman Family)
Brainiac V (II)
Lightning Lad (II)

Data banks indicate additional anomalies in timeline records. Accessing potentially corrupted dataÖ
Mon-El is a Daxamite hero who first appeared to Kal-El in his childhood. While he was sent to the future for his health, he was able to return to help protect the planet in his friend Kal-Elís absence. Brainiac V is an ally from the future, responsible for improving Mon-Elís health and additionally capable of pulling various members of Kal-Elís support network to the future for the betterment of the timeline. Data indicates Lightning Lad as an important leader in the structure of the futuristic Legion of Superheroes. Data indicates Ultra Boy as a figure on this team with powers similar to Kryptonians within accessible timeline data.

Superboy (Kon-El) (II)
Steel (Superman Family)
Emil Hamilton

Glyph of Anti-Kryptonite Suit
Glyph of Kryptonian Visor

Data corruption indicates potential need for additional technical support. Identifying potential resources for repairÖ Highly trained engineer John Henry Irons took over following death of Kal-El in accessible timeline data. Technical knowledge indicates potential for assistance with repair. Scientist and inventor Emil Hamilton is noted as responsible for creation of supports such as Anti-Kryptonite Suit. Dr. Hamilton additionally is responsible for creation of Kryptonian Visor used to support Kon-El, Superboy clone of Kal and Lex Luthor. Data indicates associate Guardian as important resource to Dr. Hamilton and the Superboy in protective capacity.

Final data input... Fortress Strategic Resources for Kal-El and associates located...

~C3G Promotions Team

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