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Re: The Book of Death Mask (Public Testing)

Originally Posted by toyhandle

Map: Mountain Spring
Death Mask, Winter Soldier, Absorbing Man
Darkseid (II), Parademon x6 1,000pts

My notes got really loose after round 3, but basically, Darkseid rolled out the Parademons, who were struggling to wound Absorbing Man and Death Mask. Eventually they chipped Absorbing Man down, but not before Absorbing Man could put 2 wounds on Darkseid. Winter Soldier then started taking pot shots at Darkseid, before getting tied up with Parademons, and being killed by Darkseid. Darkseid ended up falling to a half-life Death Mask. 
Never got to use By Any Means Necessary, the bonding, and stats were solid.
Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert!

Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Death mask, Sandman, Lady Deathstrike, Absorbing Man, Winter Soldier, Stan Lee 1500pts
Trigon, Spawn, Hellboy (II), Blood Demons. 1500pts.
Trigon fell by the end of round 2 and then Death mask fell Splash’s next turn at the start of round 3.
Never got to put any targets on DM’s card, or roll an unbloackable more than once. Never used By Any Means Necessary, so once again he was more of a strong bonding unit.
It’s very possible Splash would have led with Spawn earlier in the game, but having Spawn as the Target is what made Splash decide to lead with Trigon instead, making Trigon more vulnerable than he would normally be, and going down before he could do any Demonic Reality Shifting.*
*Splash says he was happy I went with Spawn as the Target.
I totally forgot I had Stan Lee, and wished i had used him to save Death Mask.
Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert!

SPLASH’s post-game thoughts:
Death Mask feels worth his points. Parademons were too weak to do much in game one, and game two I should've drafted more Blood Demons, but other than that and discounting luck I think they were relatively even games. Death Mask didn't feel too exciting as the main power was just the bonding (although the power names are funny) and we never got to see the last power come into play. I realize now the teams I drafted were counterintuitive to his first power

Map: Alkali Laki
Death Mask, Winter Soldier, Sandman, Stan Lee 1000pts
Orig X-Men
I led Sandman along the Dam-top because I didn’t want Jean throwing him off. I totally forgot to use Stan Lee (as I did in my second game with Splash), so it could possibly have been a bigger win for Death Mask. It was somewhat slow, because I was making sure to place Deathmask in spots where he could heal, and any wounds could be placed onto Destructible Objects instead of himself or his allies. 
X-Men might have done better to focus completely on one Criminal/Assassin before going for Death mask, and then try to destroy Death mask from Range.

Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert!

Map: Island Plane Crash
Death Mask, Winter Soldier, Firefly, Talon 1000pts
Reed, Sue, Silver Surfer, Iceman. 1000pts
FF win. Island Plane Crash doesn’t have as much in the way of DO’s as Alkali Lake for Death Mask to avoid wounds with. I played him a little more aggressively, but probably should have been even more aggressive with Winter Soldier. Opted to use Firefly for Unblockables before Reed could tie him down, but Winter Soldier died before doing much of anything. More importantly, Surfer would have been a better Mark to start with. Talon was pretty useless, and I should have placed him adjacent to Iceman to tie him down at least. With Talon, I figured I wouldn’t mind too much if I had to put a wound onto him with Death Mask.

Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert!

Seems balanced to me. There’s a lot of 500pt builds of assassins or criminals that would fill out the second half of a 1000pt army with him.

Fun, straightforward character. Not hard to kill, so sometimes retreating to heal is his best option. If he's wounded, unengaged, with no surrounding Destructible Objects, he be a sitting duck.

Thankfully his bonding allows him to distract while that happens.
 It’s interesting, Take Down the Big Boys kind of means he might not get that extra life against an Army like Darkseid, where Darkseid will likely be the last to go down. In more even-life armies, there’s more choice. Death Mask was hanging on by that extra Beast-given life against Cyclops. I was pretty unlucky with my unblockables, but that’s entirely luck, and they were nice to have.
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