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Re: The Book of Ronin - Playtesting

From @JoshuaQuinn


Army Test
Map: Sacred Shrine
Units: Luke Cage, Songbird, Hired Guns, Ghost Rider, Skrull Infiltrators x 3 vs Doomsday, Carnage, Omega Red and Harley Quinn
The game started with the hired guns securing the front lines and Ghost Rider providing backup and Luke Cage coming in to cover the left flank. Omega Red, Carnage and Harley Quinn moved into position while Doomsday protected the right flank. In round 2 Carnage and Harley Quinn got excited by the close proximity of the hired guns and ghost rider and came in full steam. Carnage fell flat and couldn’t even inflict one wound on the hired guns while Harley decided to go all in with her Smilex and only rolled one skull. (Must have been a dud bomb.) After that both Harley and Carnage found themselves retreating from the hired guns relentless fire and managed to avoid any damage. Ghost Rider moved closer in while the Hired Guns provided cover. Ghost Rider did a lot of damage to Carnage and it looked iffy for the crazy symbiote. Doomsday stepped in to add a hand and the game became a little more balanced. In the next round Carnage feeling the mortality of his wounds jumped right back into the middle of the hired guns and this time wreaked havoc on them. He was able to take out 3 hired guns and do a load of damage to Luke Cage. Luke Cage answered by stepping up and putting the symbiote down for good. Throughout it all Ronin kept jumping in and peppering the enemy with attacks but couldn’t seem to find the mark with Shurkins and did less with the nunchucks. Ghost Rider and Doomsday found themselves in a back and forth battle for supremacy neither willing to give an inch. Omega Red finished off the last Hired gun while Songbird and the Skrull Infiltrators replaced the hired guns and moved up on the field. In what can only be described as an act of desperation Songbird activated the Time Bomb and immediately rolled a 2. The bomb went off and took out Omega Red, Luke Cage and put 2 damage on Harley Quinn, Songbird and Ronin. This proved to be a costly mistake. The next turn Doomsday ended the stalemate with Ghost Rider and took him out of the game. From there Doomsday moved in and attacked Songbird and Ronin knocking both out before the Skrull Infiltrators could do much. In a last ditch effort the skrull infiltrators mounted an offensive against Doomsday and Harley but were quickly dealth with.

The game ended with Doomsday (-5 Health); Harley Quinn (-2 Health)
Ronin is very fun to play with. This time his attacks came up weak and it was a little disappointing more than not. Being paired against Carnage and Harley Quinn with their no damage defenses made it a little harder to land an attack and so it made him really lacking against them. Never really getting to take advantage of the full 3 attacks. He seems pretty balanced though and I don’t know that I would change any of that. I can definitely seeing myself using him more with pairings like Luke Cage and other defenders. He is a very good fit in the crime fighting group.

He was good and I liked him. He is a character I could see myself drafting a lot as his attack is really solid. And the chance to do 3 damage is great. I can see him entering the field and doing some damage to a squad then hoping over and peppering the big boss some. I love how much board he can cover.
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