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Re: C3G Promotions Dept. | Wave 39: Justice League Unlimited

DISCLAIMER: This is not official. This is a fan made custom project.

This is what we have previously created and released: C3G Books of Index
This is what we have created and are currently releasing: C3G Promotions Department
This is where you can go to get started with C3G (Comics Customs Creators Guild): Welcome to C3G!!!


Who doesn't love a little justice? Oh, right, the bad guys. We've got a little justice and injustice for you all this month. This is the biggest wave C3G has ever released, so we hope you enjoy this release of DC heroes and villains. Without further ado...

Joker (Injustice League)
Gorilla Grodd (Injustice League)
Lex Luthor (Injustice League)

It's good to be bad. Prometheus can download the skills to take down the entire Justice League, all on his own. But Joker isn't afraid to work with some allies... even if they'd prefer not working with him. The Joker League of Anarchy will let Joker have the last laugh! Gorilla Grodd prefers a little more planning in his evildoing, and so he leads the Secret Society of Super-Villains to take over the world. Lex Luthor masterminds the Injustice League so that he can finally defeat Superman. Sinestro is happy to join whatever nefarious plot is happening that day, as long as he can show off the many capabilities of his Qwardian power ring.

Solomon Grundy (II)
Brainiac (II)
Deathstroke (II)

The Injustice League, Secret Society, Legion of Doom... whatever you want to call them, they've got some new members itching for revenge against the Justice League! The nearly indestructible Solomon Grundy will crush and throw opponents at his whimsy. Brainiac's 12th-Level Intellect has planned out certain victory, and his Coluan powers can melt an enemy's mind! Deathstroke has trained to perfection to tackle any foe, and a timely tactical sabotage can spell doom to even the most prepared opponent. The Ultra-Humanite can telepathically attack those near him or beat them with his mighty fists, but Ultra-Humanite's true goal is to transfer his brain into an even stronger body.

Johnny Quick

Earth-1's heroes are pathetic. It's time for the Crime Syndicate to take over. The Kryptonian Ultraman leads this evil team, encouraging the others to fight by his brutal example. Superwoman lassos the innocent to control their minds, and has a secret plan of her own... Owlman schemes from the shadows, taking advantage of any weakness. Johnny Quick enjoys the little things in life, like beating do-gooder heroes to death with his superspeed. But his speed can overclock and burn out! Meanwhile, the robotic Grid tries to discover emotions. It's a shame he's learning them from the most sadistic people on this or any other Earth!

Black Canary (Justice League)
Flash (Barry Allen) (Justice League)
Superman (Justice League) (II)
Batman (Justice League) (II)

With villains having taken over, heroes must rise up to face them. Black Canary has taken command of the Justice League to save the day, and she leads by example, punching foes before sending out her allies. Hawkwoman offers a supporting role to the Justice League, as her attacks can inspire the rest of the League to keep fighting. The fastest man alive, Flash, is constantly on the move supporting his allies and dismantling or repairing objects on the field. Superman inspired the newer heroes to fight on, while Batman watches from the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Green Lantern (John Stewart) (Justice League)
Martian Manhunter (Justice League) (II)
Red Tornado (II)

The Justice League roster grows! John Stewart, the Green Lantern, snipes enemies from afar and protects his friends up close due to his honor and commitment to the cause. Martian Manhunter isn't afraid to use his full degree of bizarre Martian powers to help protect his adopted homeworld. A newer recruit, Aztek, uses a mask passed down generations to help the League. The android Red Tornado can place down tornados to toss foes across the battlefield.

Aquaman (III)
Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders)
Plastic Man (II)
Atom (Justice League)
Hawkman (Katar Hol) (Justice League)

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Aquaman unleashes the fury of Atlantis against his foes. Oh, and he unleashes a Kraken too! Hawkgirl swoops from enemy to enemy, striking with her Nth metal wings. Plastic Man disguises himself in any form. Once he engages an enemy, he's stuck on you like glue! Atom rides the radio waves to coordinate the Justice League's efforts. Hawkman leads the charge, smashing evildoers from above.

Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) (Justice League)
Zatanna (III)
Shade the Changing Man
Swamp Thing (II)

Jungle Plant Destructible Object

Spell of Tarot: The Fool
Spell of Tarot: The Magician
Spell of Tarot: Temperance

The magical side of the Justice League is known informally as Justice League Dark. Doctor Fate can manipulate fate itself to change 20-sided die rolls. Zatanna puts on a magic show, asking the audience to pick a number. Zatara, father to Zatanna, leads a group of magicians to protect the world. Shade the Changing Man wanders through the realms in his own zen way. Swamp Thing protects the Green, growing Jungle Plants to spread plant life across the battlefield. Additionally, an enigmatic magician reads her Tarot deck, casting Tarot Spells to affect the course of history.

~C3G Promotions Team
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