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Re: The New York City Gang Of Four

Ishmel came over for three games and my favorite meatball and mushroom pizza! We had a good chance to test lots more new cards, and Ish won the first two of three games. He had three armies, I replayed one that lost, which then won! For sentimental reasons, I built the good old reliable Highways and Dieways map. Ish used his own untested customs, which worked quite well and were very thematic. They are all available here onsite. He also took a few photos.

My 600 Point armies:

Chas Army I

Xundar 150
Shadow Fiend x3 105
Shadow Hound x3 105
Shadow Binder x3 75
The Varja 160
TOTAL: 595

Chas Army II
Breach 145
Ztoth, Mouth of the Abyss 140
Lilja 115
Quorik Warwitch 110
Specters of Aldorn 60
Bol 10
TOTAL: 580

Xundar was fun to play with his Shadow Army. I made a proxy by crazy gluing a toothpick to the back and free hand of an extra Pelloth I happened to have, and then painting it black with a gold tip. Originally I wanted to paint it all gold, but the card photo my pal printed out showed it as black, so I went for verisimilitude. Then I checked the photo onsite and it showed all gold there! Go figure. In fact, Ish's police customs did a number on me with lots of good shooters in general. They were interestingly named as descendants of Classic Scape figures. Lieutenant Woo, granson of Master Woo, was particularly heroic against my Evil army.

The Shadow Army was great and well integrated. I didn't think the Shadow Binder was very powerful, but its powers turned out to be subtle, using the basic Scape rules in interesting ways, and worked quite well.

(On a side note: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? I]The Shadow knows!"[/I] Don't miss the movie The Shadow with Alec Baldwin--an underrated classic, faithful to the original pulp hero and with a terrific cast!)

The Varja Kolakoski would have loved to see what happened, as in an old game I one shotted this very powerful figures he was running right out of the game with Bolt of Witherwood, a power I was ridiculously successful many times with way back when. Last night the same happened to me, as a modern SWAT sniper type who needed to roll a 19 or 29 shot him right off the board on Turn Two! Yikes!

Breach A super powerful guy, who hardly got in the game last Saturday, earned his points against an all melee army of Golems. We pounded away at each other for quite a while.

Ztoth, Mouth of the Abyss Try saying his full name dramtically each time you use him, as I did, and it becomes quite a tongue twister! Yeth it doth. It took me a while to figure out how to use him, as was true for some of the others.

Quorik Warwitch A very old C3V I've admired never used; I have a nice but different winged custom proxy for her. She made a nice clean up character.

Lilja doesn't last long, but she "blowed up real good" (SCTV's Farm Film Review). It was all I could do to keep my own figures away from her when that happened, as it did to Viceron the Blood Knight in last Saturday's game!

In the first game, Ish used a super powerful vampire army, then the police, and lastly golems--who didn't have the specialized terrain that would have powered them up--there was no rock or sand on the map. His customs in general were great--ingenious and thematic. And I didn't see anything that needed adjusting after this first play of them all. Pretty cool. Ish also showed me his supers, which had particularly nice images on other people's designs, some of which were by Sherman Davies.

The Game Palace (Kolakoski's nickname; he also named the NYCG4) is even more messy than usual, as I had to move things around to clear the way for a new deluxe mattress delivery, as well as getting rid of the old queen size. I'm still waiting for it now, and sleeping on the couch!

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