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Re: C3G Faction Strategy Guides - Orange Lanterns!

Green Lantern Faction Strategy
(Along with Green Construct & Blue Lantern Faction Strategy!)

Important Links
The Green Lanterns (GLs) revolve around a Battery Marker mechanic - they start out with very high stats and low life, but as they spend their batteries, their stats decrease. Knowing when to spend a Battery Marker to use Green Power Shield or another power is key to doing well with the faction.

  • Green Lantern (Kilowog) (310) - The strongest GL leader by far. Use him twice at the start of the game and the rest of your lanterns become supercharged and will deal insane amounts of damage. If your opponent does not have an easy way to kill Kilowog in the back of your start zone, they will be in trouble.
  • Guardian of the Universe (Appa, Broome, Herupa, or Pazu) (250) - The Guardians provide some Order Marker flex to your army, which is handy when you're not sure which of your GLs might be attacked and forced to spend Battery Markers on defense. All 4 of these Guardians are the same, and you're unlikely to want more than 1 in your army.
  • Guardian of the Universe (Ganthet) (350) - Ganthet provides a major boost to a single Lantern due to his re-roll, and he can also save a Lantern from death once per game. This lets you be a lot riskier with choosing not to use Green Power Shield on defense.
  • Green Central Power Battery (160) - This allows your Lanterns to recharge their Battery Markers! Plus, it offers a space on top of the Battery that your Lanterns can hop on top of. This combos especially well with Kilowog - Kilowog can spend two markers to inspire his allies, recharge them to protect himself, then hop on the Battery to have height. It's an expensive combo but very effective. John Stewart also really likes being able to recharge his markers, since his Green Shield Strike can wound enemies on defense.
  • Green Lantern (Uncommon) (120) - Not really a leader, but these are figures you build your army around like the other figures in this category. Very effective en masse with Kilowog but they can benefit by bonding with any GL.

Important Green Lanterns
  • Green Lantern (Aya) (280) - Aya is an unusual GL, not using Battery Markers and offering synergy to other Lantern Corps. She boosts Lanterns with a d20 power such as Hal Jordan or Jessica Cruz.
  • Green Lantern (Ch'p) (200) - Ch'p is the cheapest GL, but can lay the hurt on low-defense figures with his multiattacks. He's weak against enemy heavy hitters.
  • Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) (320) - Guy is very strong offensive presence. Try and use his Willful Overextend to give himself wounds first before removing Battery Markers, and pummel enemies with strong double turns. Guy burns out quickly due to his self-wounding.
  • Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) (270) - Jessica Cruz bonds with any GL, but it can cost her Battery Markers. She works well alongside Simon Baz since he boosts her Fighting The Fear roll.
  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (350) - Hal is the strongest and most expensive GL. The key with him is to play risky, hoping that Hal gets 3 wounds on him without dying to fully boost his chance at an extra turn. Hal is swingy, but ultimately a strong figure.
  • Green Lantern (John Stewart) (340) - John's Green Basket Carry won't get much use in a GL army, but it allows him to work well in other builds. But even without using that power, John is a formidable force in GL builds. Green Shield Strike is very powerful, and John's high stats make him second only to Hal in offensive might.
  • Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (300) - Kyle works best with Green Constructs, as described below. He's probably the weakest of the Earth GLs.
  • Green Lantern (Simon Baz) (260) - Simon has a lot of utility with Alshajaea's ability to remove markers: removing opponent’s helpful markers (such as Battery Markers or Avenger Markers), healing friendlies, and removing enemy Order Markers. He's fairly cheap for what you get too, but he lacks a Green Power Shield so is naturally more fragile.

Green Constructs
Green Constructs (GCs) are a useful, though non-essential addition to any GL army. They vary in effectiveness. Kyle Rayner works especially well with Constructs as his powerset is geared towards using them effectively. Constructs are also very useful in being able to adapt your armies to whatever point total you need.
  • Green Construct (Shield) (20) - The best of the GCs, Shields are always a useful addition for a +2 defense. Drop one or two off by Kilowog if you're worried the enemy will try to assassinate him in your start zone.
  • Green Construct (Decoy) (50) - Decoys can be handy at times to draw fire off another figure, but they're brought down by the fact that opponents can just disengage them, and moving them after they're placed requires you to give up an attack.
  • Green Construct (Tactical Bomber) (100), Green Construct (Mech Warrior) (120), and Green Construct (Helicopter Gunship) (130) - These three Unique constructs are trickier to use, being pretty expensive for their survivability. They have a solid offensive presence, it's just more niche in its use. I consider these more designs you use for fun than something you use competitively.

Blue Lanterns
The Blue Lanterns (BLs) are naturally tied to the Green Lantern faction, as their blue Battery Markers require a nearby Green Lantern to fully function on offense. You typically do not want more than one Blue Lantern in your army unless you're playing very large point games due to their dependence on GLs.
  • Blue Lantern (Barry Allen) (300) - Barry is the best BL healer, due to his ability to move and heal passively. Drop him near your allies and let him heal for you.
  • Blue Lantern (Bro'Dee Walker) (280) - Saint Walker can offer allies a significant offensive boost with Instill Hope, but Saint Walker's greatest strength is possibility his attack power. When near a GL, Saint Walker has an attack of 7 at range 7. For his cost, that is an insane level of offense. But requiring a nearby GL keeps him balanced.
  • Blue Lantern (Hal Jordan) (370) - Hal is a unique BL since he's also half GL, meaning he doesn't need a nearby GL to function at 100%. He's very good at crowd clearing but is a step down from GL Hal against a single target.
  • Blue Lantern (Warth) (260) - Warth offers a lot of utility while excelling at nothing in particular. He's a solid choice for a supporting figure due to this utility.

Army Build Examples:

800 Points:
  • Kilowog (310), Green Lantern (Uncommon) (120) x4
  • Blue Lantern (Saint Walker) (280), Guy Gardner (320), Ch'p (200)

900 Points:
  • Jessica Cruz (270), Simon Baz (260), Kilowog (310), Green Construct (Shield) (20) x3
  • Blue Lantern (Warth) (260), Guy Gardner (320), Kyle Rayner (300), Green Construct (Shield) (20) x1
  • Kilowog (310), Green Lantern (Uncommon) (120) x2, Hal Jordan (350)

1000 Points:
  • Kilowog (310), Hal Jordan (350), John Stewart (340)
  • Ganthet (350), Hal Jordan (350), Blue Lantern (Barry Allen) (300)
  • Green Central Power Battery (160), John Stewart (340), Ch’p (200), Simon Baz (260), Green Construct (Shield) (20) x2
  • Guardian of the Universe (250) x1, Blue Lantern (Hal Jordan) (370), Guy Gardner (320), Green Construct (Shield) (20) x3

1100 Points:
  • Kilowog (310), Green Central Power Battery (160), John Stewart (340), Green Lantern (Uncommon) (120) x2, Green Construct (Decoy) (50) x1

1200 Points:
  • Kilowog (310), Jessica Cruz (270), Simon Baz (260), Green Lantern (Uncommon) (120) x3
  • Guardian of the Universe (250) x1, John Stewart (340), Kyle Rayner (300), Ch'p (200), Green Construct (Decoy) (50) x1, Green Construct (Shield) (20) x3

1300 Points:
  • Guardian of the Universe (250) x1, Kilowog (310), Green Central Power Battery (160), John Stewart (340), Green Lantern (Uncommon) (120) x2
  • Guardian of the Universe (250) x1, Kilowog (310), Hal Jordan (350), John Stewart (340), Green Construct (Decoy) (50) x1
  • Guardian of the Universe (250) x1, Blue Lantern (Hal Jordan) (370), Guy Gardner (320), John Stewart (340), Green Construct (Shield) (20)

Green Lantern options by Point totals:
Spoiler Alert!

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