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Re: The Book of Demogorgon Stalker - Public Playtesting

Playtest of Demogorgon Stalker!

NAME OF THE PLAYTEST UNIT: (Demogorgon Stalker)

Army Test
Map: Ruins at Pine Tree Marsh
Units: Demogorgon Stalker x2 VS Batman(200) Commissioner Gordon 5th Precinct Beat Cops
Spoiler Alert!


Army Test
Map: Ruins at Pine Tree Marsh
Units: Demogorgon Stalker x2 VS Doctor Octopus Yellow Jacket A.I.M Agents
Spoiler Alert!

THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT'S COST, BALANCE, & DRAFTABILITY: I think the point value is perfect and that this unit can be splashed into a wide array of armies! Balance wise the Upside Down can be a tad overwhelming. If you drag a figure into the Upside down and corner them, there is very little an opposing player can do to get out as the Demogorgons are surprisingly resilient even with their awful defense. I would consider making the Upside Down connect at the back so other players have a way out unless the player with the Demogorgons has two which would then occupy multiple resources for them to trap an opposing unit. Otherwise I thought that this unit was well done as it can be defeated in one on one combat by an equally priced unit but can absolutely rip apart weaker ones.

GENERAL THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT: I love this unit! It really feels like a horror monster! Everytime the figures managed to get away or out match the Demogorgon I was able to back off and try another approach. This kept the opponent on guard constantly and made the map have no real safe place. At the same time though I felt like they could be defeated by high tier characters or any character who could out match them. I look forward to seeing other units from Stranger Things if they are as well done as the Demogorgon Stalker!
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