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Re: The Book of Kree Accuser Corps - Public Playtesting



Army Test
Map: Grundy’s Grave
Units: Team A: Ronan, Kree Accuser Corps, Noh-Varr, Kree Scout x3, Kree Soldier x4 – 1,000 Points;
Team B: Drax (I), Starlord, Rocket Raccoon (II), Jack Flag – 985 Points

Game Summary
Drax was the chosed as the Accused. The Scouts moved out first for the Kree to take high ground and the teleport the Ronan and the Kree Soldiers into position. Drax took a couple early turns which allowed the Accuser Corps to gain a few extra spaces before taking a turn for themselves. After Starlord got into position, Drax came after Ronan, which was bad idea. The Accuser Corps swarmed him in the middle of the map and were able to put two auto wounds on him. Then, a juiced up Kree Scout, standing adjacent to Ronan took down Drax. An early victory for the Kree, however, things would go south from there. Star Lord was chosen as the second Accused, and proved extremely difficult to dispatch. Ronan engaged Star-Lord while Jack Flagg flanked him. Rocket began kiting the Accusers with his bombs. Eventually, Flagg was able to destroy Ronan before he could take down Star-Lord and Rocket eliminated the Accusers. Then Flagg and Rocket went after the remaining Scouts and Soldiers. It came down to a heavily wounded Star-Lord, Rocket, and Flagg vs Noh-Varr. Noh-Varr also had a hard time ridding the universe of Star-Lord, but eventually succeeded. However the numbers were too much for him.

Who won? List figures remaining in the winning army (include life remaining for heroes):
Team B won: Rocket Raccoon 3 life remaining, Jack Flag 3 life remaining.


Army Test
Map: Grundy’s Grave
Team A: Captain Marvel (400), Ronan, Kree Accuser Corps, Kree Scout x3 – 1,020 Points
Team B: Captain Marvel (360), Captain Britain, Polaris, Shadow Cat, Angel – 1,015 points;

Game Summary
Captain Marvel (360) was chosen as the traitorous Accused. The Kree Battle Strategy changed as a result of the last battle, OMs were placed on the Scouts to moved Captain Marvel 400 and Ronan into the middle of the field, with Marvel 400 taking a high ground post with a Scout. Ronan stayed adjacent to them to provide the bonus. The plan was to hopefully drive Marvel 360 insane to bring him back to the Kree side, but the Kree were unsuccessful in doing so, instead Destroying Marvel 360 after losing a couple Scouts and Accusers. Captain Britain engaged the Kree pod before Marvel 360 fell, and then was selected as the next Accused, putting him in an extremely bad spot. He perished quickly after taking a Scout with him and Polaris was chosen as the next Accused. Polaris took high ground next to an evergreen tree with Shadowcat standing adjacent to her, the Kree were forced to move forward across the middle of the battlefield, taking out Angel in the process. Another Accuser fell charging the hill and attacking Shadowcat. The final Accuser chased Polaris from her post and Marvel 400 was able to take that spot and commence ranged attacks against Polaris. Polaris fell to Marvel 400 after being pushed back towards her start zone.

Who won? List figures remaining in the winning army (include life remaining for heroes): Team A: Captain Marvel full life remaining, 1 Kree Accuser Corps remaining; Ronan full life remaining.

THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT'S COST, BALANCE, & DRAFTABILITY: I think 140 is the correct number, it just works well with Ronan’s 360, making an even 500. As the tests indicate, the in game strategy and overall matchup is going to affect their effectiveness. They seem to operate better as podded support rather than hunter/trackers, but definitely feel like an extension of Ronan as they are imposing and can intimidate Accused off of spaces. When given the chance to swarm an Accused, they were fairly deadly. In both games they were attacked by the enemy before Ronan, so even though not mechanically intended, they acted as a shield for Ronan.

GENERAL THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT: Pairing them with ranged attacking Kree is the best strategy IMO. The heavier the ranged hammer, the better. Selecting the proper Accused is also key, a slower moving OM hub or full turn bonder is preferred. They are missing that bonding with Ronan, but being able to move after the Accused turn makes up for that somewhat. They are also missing that two way bonding with other Kree figures, but the design was purposefully made that way.
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