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Re: C3G Promotions Dept. | SSE 87 - FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER!

Time for some more fun!


It's quickly becoming a tradition to release a lot of goofy characters on April Fools day, something that bodes well for our fans in April since we always release an anniversary wave later in the month. This year's release just kept growing until it was stuffed to the brim with off the walls designs.

Glyph of Weather: Sharknado
Condiment King
Glyph of Ollie's Stupendous Chili

Think you're tripping on something cause you're seeing a pig or cat shaped Spider-Man? No that's just Spider-Ham and Spider-Cat, no need to worry about them; they're friendly. But yes, that typhoon is really carrying Grizzly Sharks in your direction, you should probably run away from the Sharknado. Becoming a zombified head is just totally something Deadpool would do, not sure why you're even concerned about Headpool, he doesn't bite (ok, that's blatantly a lie...). The Condiment King might be on edibles though because who would actively dress up like that to commit crimes? He even forgot to do his laundry first... But hey there's always Oliver Queen's Stupendous Chili, you just probably want to turn it down unless it's the only thing around and you have the munchies... you'll still regret it.

Portable Toilet
Vibe (Paco Ramon)
Boss Smiley
Sir Soundwave
Jack-Jack Parr

Who doesn't love a good poop joke? Cause that's the only connection we could find to connect the Portable Toilet to these characters. Although I guess you might find some in abandoned construction sites where Vibe is caught up in a breakdance competition. Be careful though because Boss Smiley may have rigged that site to explode for his own political gain! Make sure you pack your earplugs though because Sir Soundwave has a little bit of an issue with volume control, the dude just loves his loud music, even though it drives everyone around him insane! Jack-Jack doesn't mind it though, he's so full of energy you'll never be able to control him.

Deadpool (II)
Howard the Duck
The Weird
Cardboard Box
Mirror Master (Sam Scudder) (Leg Swap)

Hi everyone, Deadpool (II) here! See those Roman numerals after my name? That means I'm the second version of Deadpool. How fun. I've got some other cooky characters to introduce. Like this feathery friend here. I'd pass him the microphone, but Howard the Duck has quite the potty mouth! While some very rude people call me weird (the audacity!), but everyone agrees The Weird is the weirdest of them all. Now our next guest isn't the talkative type... it's just a Cardboard Box! Who invites these people? Though it does look fun to hide in. And our final guest doesn't have a leg to stand on! So he just stole a pair like the dastardly rogue he is. Give it up for Mirror Master! Looks like that's all for this booster, so I'll catch you all later! *finger guns*

Wonder Twin (Jayna)
Wonder Twin (Zan)
Glyph of Empty Bucket
Chief Judge Cal
Judge Fish

Wonder Twin powers, activate! The Wonder Twins are here, turning into animals or forms of water as long as they stick together. And they brought their pet monkey, Gleek! What an adorable little fella. And look, Gleek brought an Empty Bucket! He can't stop monkeying around. Over in the land of the law, Chief Judge Cal has just ruled that odd-numbered weekends are now illegal! What does that mean? Who knows, but when Judge Fish advises something crazy like that, Cal just goes with it!

~C3G Promotions Team
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