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Re: C3G Books of Index

Big Update Annoucement!

We've done a big shuffling of classes, 88 total. In order to better incorporate our older designs before we were more cognizant of factions and how useful classes were. Here is what we updated and some of the reasonings:

We wanted to have an "Evil Scientist" class and after some discussion we settled on Genius for it. This lets us build up "good", "bad" or just general smart synergies by using Scientist, Genius or both in synergies. These are the new Geniuses:
Floronic Man: Scientist > Genius
Jackal: Scientist > Genius
Kryptonite Man: Engineer > Genius
Mister Freeze: Scientist > Genius
Red Ghost: Physicist > Genius
Bolivar Trask: Scientist > Genius
Diablo: Brilliant Alchemist > Diabolical Genius
Leader: Conqueror > Genius
Mad Thinker: Strategist > Genius
MODOK: Conqueror > Genius
Puppet Master: Puppeteer > Genius
Mister Sinister: Telepath > Genius
Graviton: Physicist > Genius

We also decided to update Hulk and other Gamma characters to have the species of Gamma Mutate so that can be used as a future synergy hook:
A-Bomb: Mutate > Gamma Mutate
Abomination (C3G): Mutate > Gamma Mutate
Bruce Banner: Mutate > Gamma Mutate
Hulk: Mutate > Gamma Mutate
Joe Fixit: Mutate > Gamma Mutate
Leader: Mutate > Gamma Mutate
Red Hulk: Mutate > Gamma Mutate
She-Hulk: Mutate > Gamma Mutate
Joe Fix-It: Gruff Mutate > Degenerate Gamma Mutate

While looking at our index we realized we had some classes that were very similar to others with no real reason for that so we combined them into one. Prankster/Trickster, Brute/Brawler. We also decided that long term listing out every military rank wouldn't be helpful so we introduced Commander as a military leader generic Class.
Rocksteady: Brawler > Brute
Bebop: Brawler > Brute
Lobo: Brawler > Brute
Impossible Man: Prankster > Trickster
The Mask: Prankster > Trickster
Malekith: Illusionist > Trickster
Kree Captain: Captain > Commander
Thaddeus Ross: General > Commander
General Zod: General > Conqueror

There were a lot of strange one-off classes that were not used anywhere nor could we really see needing or reusing them anywhere so we condensed some of those down:
Animated Vines: Vines > Constructs
Bob, Agent of Hydra: Loyal Fanatic > Enthusiastic Mercenary
Doombot: Deceiver > Decoy
Eradicator: Program > Construct
Kilowog : Drill Instructor > Officer
Mister Miracle: Escapologist > Refugee
Shi: Sohei > Fighter
Thunderers of Qward: Thunderers > Destroyers
Reverend Striker: Reverend > Cultist
Rocket Raccoon: Ranger > Warden (We actually just have plans for Rangers in the future )
J. Jonah Jameson: Editor > Journalist
Count Vertigo: Count > Outlaw
Poison Ivy (I): Eco-Terrorist > Antagonist
SHIELD Sniper: Sniper > Agent (cost raised to 50)
Archangel: Horseman > Vindicator
Silver Banshee: Wraith > Antagonist
Anarky: Prodigy > Strategist
Firefly: Arsonist > Criminal
Hugo Strange: Psychiatrist > Psychopath
Radioactive Man: Physicist > Criminal
Cursed Earth T-Rex: Juvenile > Predator
Thunderbolt: Servant > Spirit
Karnak: Advisor > Strategist
Ares: Warlord > Deity

We're moving some older squads to the Invader class so we can use that as a synergy hook for alien invaders:
Skrull Warriors: Warriors > Invaders
Parademon Shock Troopers: Troopers > Invaders

Punisher has long been a thorn in our side, limiting what we can do with a lot of designs, we've re-evaluated him and he's less of a problem now, but he was still proving problematic in the growing Gotham/Vigilante synergy web and he gained a lot of unthematic synergies from it anyways so rather than change the design again we move him out of that class.
Punisher: Vigilante > Loner

This last chunk is just updating designs to more accurate factions and tidying up synergy webs so we can work with them better going forward. This covers things such as allowing us to use Students for Marvel young Mutant/Avengers synergies, including figures who should have been in the Justice League faction but were designed before we used Champion as the main hook there, and more
Armor: Sidekick > Student
Jubilee: Sidekick > Student
Spoiler: Loner > Sidekick
Krypto: Sidekick > Companion

Thor: Champion > Warrior
Beta Ray Bill: Champion > Warrior
Thor (Jane): Champion > Warrior
Throg: Champion > Warrior
Balder: Adventurer > Warrior
Sif: Guard > Warrior

Cyborg (II): Scientist > Champion
Animal Man: Adventurer > Champion
Red Tornado: Protector > Champion
Firestorm: Student/Scientist > Champion/Scientist
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord): Crime Fighter > Scientist
Steel: Engineer > Champion
Zauriel: Guardian > Champion

Judge Dredd: Unyielding > Fearless
Aaron Cash: Guard > Lawman
Doctor Fate (I): Mystic > Mystery Man
Doctor Light: Inventor > Antagonist
Lady Blackhawk: Adventurer > Pilot
Mad Hatter: Mastermind > Misfit
Blade: Hunter > Slayer
Phantom Stranger: Protector > Vagabond
Angel (Liam): Protector > Investigator
Iron Monger: Antagonist > Industrialist
Fantomex: Experiment > Mercenary
Zombie: Hunter > Minion
Stilt-Man: Inventor > Criminal

We also added the Crossover Symbol to The Doctor (11th Incarnation) since that's like what he does.

With all of this there were a few small power updates that needed to happen:
Spoiler Alert!

And I think that covers it all. All of the SPs of these Books should be appropriately updates, but let up know if you see anything off. Card updates will be coming as the artists have time to work on them and will be available in our 2021 Poker Cards update deck with the Swing Line/Leap updates.

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